Hello Ambien My Old Friend...TT Diaries, Day 5

One of the hardest things about recovering from the TT has been the nights. At the Pearl I had the kraft-matic (ha!) adjustable bed to wiggle myself into various positions. Now that I am home it's so hard to get comfortable. I feel like Carol Burnett whipping all around throwing pillows. I prop up a million pillows but keep sliding down, shove them between my legs, trying to sleep! I keep waking up from the pain!

I tried to take extra Darvaset to off set the pain the other night, BIG MISTAKE. I started freaking out, thinking things were attacking me and feeling claustrophobic about my stomach brace.

I have a stomach brace on that is so tight it makes my yummie tummie seem like a hula hoop. I am sucked and tucked with tubes coming out for drainage. GORGEOUS. Too bad. I have a flat tummy! Hooray!

Anyway, nights have been awful and torturous.

The answer? Ambien. Ambien kisses you on the cheek and says "night night darling".
I slept well last night. Hubby even said "you didn't move all night!". I know he was thrilled to not be woken up every two minutes.

I now know only one Darvaset every 4-6 hours. Poor hubby having to adjust me around and put up with my tantrums. I feel bad for him. He will be glad though when he's got a hot wife in a bikini!!! (Right, probably a cute one piece)

Overall doing well. Going to the doctors today for a little check up so I'll let you know what they say also.

On board for this weekend?
Christmas lights up
Finishing wrapping gifts
Finishing up Christmas Cards



Molly Lou Gifts said...

those ambien seem to be miracle happies.

Glad you are home and starting to feel better. Perhaps those stomach braces (minus the drainage tubes) could be the next big thing. I tell you that Pearl sounds heavenly. :)

Happy weekend.

Lin said...

Yay for sleepy time meds! Glad you were finally able to get some comfortable sleep.

Hope your doctors' visit goes well!

Anonymous said...

Great News! Too funny about the Hula Hoop. We have a date night this weekend to the Symphony for their Christmas show. It will be wonderful. Then a family gathering of the inlaws on Sunday. I will fuss way too much over the details for no one to care or be impressed. Isn't that terrible of me to think.?
Thanks for the updates! Enjoy your weekend.

nanny said...

Hope the pain levels out and you can feel like the Mrs. again soon.
Christmas projects done,,,,clean house this weekend!

prepinparadise said...

Lack of sleep sucks big time. Can't wait to see the results!
p.s.~I left you something on my blog....

bloggerprotectionprogram said...

Feel better! I LOVE your pink and green cards. Too cute. I heart ambien. You need your sleep to heal. I hope every day you are feeling better and better.