Christmas! Wrappers Delight!

I am obsessed with wrapping Christmas gifts. The perfect paper, bow, and little piece of holly or ornamentation...I like to wrap every gift differently with a different bow. I come from a long line of wrap obsessed people.

Grandmommie (Coco's namesake), would send a huge box to our house for Christmas with every gift wrapped more fabulously than the next. There would be purple gifts with celedon green bows, and blue gifts with beaded orange bows. I couldn't wait to get her box to add her gifts under the tree. It made everything look so magical!

You can bet my mom's gifts this year will be wrapped fab-u-lously!

Cut to me, wrapping all this week before surgery to fulfill my wrappers delight. Here are some of my favorites:

The pink and red is foil paper I found at Marshalls, love the idea of a pink bow! Foil paper is really the best to work with. It's very thick and malleable.

The green paper gift is velvet in the damask. Too fabulous. Would make great wall paper!

The red stripe is from target and so is the red velvet, snowflake ribbon! Not easy to work with but too good to pass up!!

Tummy Tuck UPdate:
One Drain out and one to go. Saw the fabulous Dr. Ordon from the Doctors, and he says my result is perfect and amazing considering where we started! Miracle worker! Next drain out Friday!


debra said...

Glad all is well with the tummy. :)

Love your gifts. I am also a wrapping fanatic. It's so fun and such a good feeling to present a beautiful gift.

Mom of One for Now said...

I love to wrap presents too. My Mom and I both actually are know for our bows. Friends can recognize a present from one of us out of the crowd by our bows. My Mom does huge full bows with curly ribbon. One wrapping tip I picked up along the way is to put the gift sticker tag on the bottom of the gift so not to take away from the bow. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Hillcrest Acres said...

Your packages look beautiful. I love, love, love the green damask wrapping paper.

Congrats on the fabulous progress of the tummy tuck.

Merry Christmas!

The 5 Bickies said...

I love a pretty present and I love to wrap pretty presents. I appreciate people who wrap in themes but I can never seem to pull that off. I like the variety of different papers and wired ribbon...don't get me started on wired ribbon. I love it and buy it at Costco whenever I can.

Glad you got one drain out...sorry you the 2nd to look forward to on Friday. At least you know what you are in for. I'm so excited for you and your "perfect result"!

Beth Dunn said...

Will you please come live near by so I can ask you 100 questions!!!! I can't wrap, so this year I decided to give up. Oh well. xoxo


pink green & southern said...

I've been out of town and am catching up on my bog reader. I am sooo glad that things went well with your surgery and am so excited for you to enjoy the end result!!!

Clare said...

love all of the wrapping, great job!! I am so sorry I haven't checked on your blog in a while! with being prego and moving my life has been a bit crazy. i went back and read about your TT, amazing!! you are so strong, and i hope it all works out perfectly. I know you are ready to be back to your normal self, and hopefully soon!! thinking of you and merry christmas!! love, clare

Jodee Leader said...

Your packages are perfect! I am the world's worst wrapper! Seriously, my 3 year old could wrap better than me!

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

Your gift look impressive. My mother is gift wrap obsessed too.
Like your Christmas list too. Hope Santa was good to you.