Twenty- first birthday gift!

I had been racking my brain for a fabulous birthday gift for my niece. Keep in mind she is sophisticated, smart and sassy so I had to make sure it was something good!

I had heard ideas of restaurant gift cards and the like but ultimately decided on Tiffany Champagne glasses!

She was thrilled and felt very grown up. Nothing beats a big blue box, but here are some other milestone gifts for a twenty one year old.

Tiffany money clip
Tiffany Pen
Engraved Flask


Charm Bracelet
Chanel No 5 perfume
diamond stud earrings
small necklace with cross
Diane Von Furtsenberg Dress

Pink Preppy Party girl posted about this and we are on the same wave length!

I will do a post on my charm bracelet later, I think it's a great sweet sixteen present and perfect for Coco. Every year or milestone you can add a charm.

What do you think the perfect 21st bday gift is?
The Mrs.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous gift idea for a 21 year old!

Happy Daily said...

Those are great gift ideas!! I love just about anything in a Tiffany box!

Have a wonderful day!

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

Thanks for the mention. I think the champagne glass idea is wonderful. It is so nice to get something special. For my niece's 16th Birthday, we had a Andy Warhol type print (painting) made of her twirling her baton. Fun for a teen's room. My nieces and girls have a lot of Tiffany silver rings, etc. I started my daughters on antique crystal and silver perfume bottles (kind of Ralph Lauren looking). My son gets silver dollars for b-days (usually 2-100 years difference -current year and past coins). Problem is that they did not make silver coins in 1909 and 1908. Oh, well.
The girls get a place setting of their silver pattern. ..sorry for rambling...

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Fantastic gift ideas!

I'm Just Beachy said...

Those are great gift ideas. I am excited to buy all kinds of goodies for my sister's baby boy. My only problem is I go out shopping for him and get sidetracked by all of the adorable girl stuff! It's so much more fun to shop for a girl!

cancersucks said...

Who can resist the blue box? I am also partial to a David Yurman bangle bracelet. I am also sappy and love to give a homemade scrapbook of pictures and memories.

Maureen said...

Those blue boxes... always a great gift to receive (and give)! I like the idea of Chanel perfume. One special birthday gift I received from my mom was a framed picture of me on my first birthday pouting. :)

Preppy Sue said...

Great ideas, love the champagne flutes!

Can't wait to see your charm bracelet. I have one with charms that I've been collecting my whole life, it is a treasured piece. I've started one for my daughter too.

Muffy said...

Oh, how LOVELY! My best 21st birthday gift would probably be a very large bottle of the best gin money could buy! HAHAHA! That probably speaks volumes about MY character! Keep me away from impressionable youth!!!

Bee and Rose said...

If it's in the blue box, it's perfect!

I've had a charm bracelet since I was 10...I love it! It's filled with so many memories! I started one for my daughter when she was born. I recently started another one to create memories of all of her Irish dancing accomplishments!