Swimming In The Deep End

One thing I love about children is the way they can teach you a lesson without even knowing it. Landon had his last swim lesson of the season last week. I watched as he calmly swam into the deep end to go to the diving board, and something struck me. He had no fear. He didn't even know how deep it was, or even that he could be scared. He glided on top of the water calmly with all that water beneath him. There was something so beautiful and innocent about it to me.

I started thinking back to a time when I was free of worry or fear, of when my only concerns were how long I could play outside with my friends and what we were having for dinner. Life was simple and sweet.

I watched Landon march up to the diving board, climb up and jump off with wreckless abandon. I love his trust, I'm almost jealous of it. As my Renovation Of The Heart class continues, we were asked to set our vision of the perfect life. Since taking this class and realizing I need to give up being a worrier, the perfect life is seeming to be one with less fear and more fun.

I may not be able to forget there is a deep end, but I can still swim and enjoy the pool!


Jen said...

I can relate! I gave my daughter Paige advice that really works for me as well..

Instead of trying to predict, worry about and fix every potential crisis that could happen, TRUST in yourself that you have the ability to handle whatever actually WILL come your way.

I said it more succintly the first time somehow!

By the way, is Landon independently swimming?? WOW!

Clare said...

so true!! beautiful post;)

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Less fear and more fun...I like that...I like that A LOT!

Anonymous said...

You two must be doing something very, very right to instill such confidence in your children. That is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.....to trust in themselves. Love, CeCe