Coco Has A Personal Assistant

I can categorize the type of people my kids are, by telling you what job they would have if they were to join the circus. Landon would be in charge of feeding and playing with the elephants. He is sweet, sensitive and occasionally hyper! Coco would be the person that gets shot out of a cannon and lands on her feet and screams yahoooooooo!

Coco is a diva. When she is done with her bottle she throws it down to the ground. If she doesn't like the food you are serving, she pitches it over her shoulder. She screams when she is happy, sad, mad, excited and freaked out. Basically what I am telling you is that I am Coco's personal assistant.

I follow her around trying to get her to eat, doing her laundry, making sure she is clean, and well dressed. In return she screams in my face and throws things at me. I am fine with being her personal assistant but she does not pay well. Plus she's a mean boss. She would be the perfect pop star. You know how all these singers have riders in their contracts saying that there has to be 4 dozen peach roses in their dressing room blah, blah blah...

Here's what Coco's Rider Would Be:

You must have passy on you at all times or I will scream in your face
You must have cheerios on hand at any given moment
You must have bottle at the ready with milk, if it is ever empty I will scream
Bows of every color to match my dresses (Okay fine that ones for me)
I will not eat something I have said I loved the day before
I will choke and puke if you try to force feed me
When you change my diaper I will scratch you like a cat
I will eat from a spoon only if I am distracted with a book or toy
I want to climb things and see if you can catch me before I kill myself

I am in big trouble. I am raising myself. She is me all the way. Worse than that, I love it. She is a terrible flirt and the most fun girl around always. So I guess I will be her personal assistant for a little while. Until I can start time outs!!!


Jen said...

Fun post!
Check out my latest Marshall's find. It could be a 'tweet addition to Coco's room!

Mrs. R said...

I love Coco the diva!! Talk about full of life and just fabulous!!

icing on the cake said...

She is really cute! Too bad they couldn't just tell you what their contract spells out - I feel like I spend a lot of time guessing what my toddler would like :)

Debra said...

Sounds familiar! Good thing she's cute. :)

Preppy 101 said...

This is a darling post! So clever and I love it. xoxo

Clare said...

sounds just like bradley at that age!! love this post, very cute!

bevy said...

At least she abs a personal assistant who adores her! And who wouldn't?

Always Organizing said...


Suburban Princess said...

Oh my...I can relate!
I have likened motherhood to working for an angry boss who wants perfection but wont actually tell you what he wants done perfectly and punches you in the face when you dont deliver.