Preschool Lunches! Pack It Up!

This year at preschool, Landon will be staying into the afternoon, and eating lunch at school three days a week. I agonized over this decision. I was not feeling ready to have him be gone that long on any day, let alone three days! After Landon started to give up the nap, I changed my mind. Here I am trying to entertain him while at school they are offering yoga, soccer, literature and more!

I broke the news to him slowly over time, but when he got to pick out his own lunch box he was excited! Landon would eat a bologna and cheese sandwich every day of his life if I let him. I need to have some other preschool lunch ideas. What do you pack for lunches? I am dying to know and how to trick Landon into eating more healthy foods! Any ideas?


Kate said...

Both of my kids love hummus & one company (I think it was Tribe) makes these perfect little hummus & pretzel chip's a big portion for a preschooler, but they are resealable. Celery Sticks with cream cheese, turkey & cheese rolls, Pirate's booty....I usually try to shoot for one vegetable, one fruit, and at least one protein (meat, cheese or hummus).

Debbie said...

I let them eat whatever they want (within reason) for lunch and yes, they want the same thing day after day after day....
I choose to fight over the other meals of the day:)

Shell said...

Check this website out...cute ideas for packing lunches!


EntertainingMom said...

oh the fun things we pack to munch for lunch!
1. use cookie cutters. Makes all sandwiches fun fun fun!
2. turkey and cheese
3. ham and cheese
4. tuna salad
5. chicken salad
6. pb&j
7. pb&honey w/ banana
8. pasta salad (not sandwich)
9. small container with cubes of turkey, cheese, carrot sticks, olives, chick peas (use your imagination)
10. yogurt and fruit salad
11. cut up pieces of turkey and cheese with cut up pieces of fruit such as apple or pear
12. leftover sliced pizza
13. bagel and cream cheese (or butter)
14. crackers cheese and cut up fruit...
15. crackers, hummus and cut up fruit or cut up veggies
Need more ideas??!!

Sherrie said...

Cooper is starting preschool tomorrow. Last night my dad was telling him good luck and Cooper replied, "it's gonna suck:. OMG that boy! I think Cooper will eat a salami sandwich every single day so I am no help. I don't think they are allowed to bring peanut butter.

Suburban Princess said...

Oh! You must check out this fab trend - bento box lunches!

All of the kids love them and they end up eating their whole lunch because it is so much fun!

I even make them for my husband to take to work...cute picks and all!

Google bento and you will find all sorts of ideas!

Candy said...

Oh my... EntertainingMom has racked my brain of ideas- haha! I would try the pasta salad idea too :)

bloggerprotectionprogram said...

P is a picky eater, but will take the mini wheat bagel with cream cheese as a substitute for sandwich sometimes. Apple slices, frozen gogurt style yogurt, cheese and crackers, smartfood and pirate's booty. Good luck and enjoy your few hours with Coco!

Debra said...

We started my daughter 2 half days then quickly (like a couple of weeks) switched her to full day (I picked her up around 3:30 or 4) so I also had to bring a lunch for her. Here are some things that have worked in the past (most still do!):

~ham/turkey/bologna & cheese in a tortilla rolled up and cut into 3-4 pieces (I use the smaller tortillas)I usually put some lettuce in there. I pray she eats it and there's a chance if I just stick it in there!
~cream cheese and jelly - I love it too. Either in a tortilla or on bread or a bagel. Mini bagels make a fun sandwich, too.
~PB&J - an old standby
~All of these can be cut in cute shapes with a cookie cutter or if you have the little pocket sandwich maker thing from Pampered Chef.
~I always put a 'main course', a fruit, a 'veggie' (usually carrots, peas, sliced cucumbers or pickles) & something sweet - maybe a yogurt (Stonyfield makes the yo baby & yo kids in the small containters that break apart), raisins, homemade cookie.

I would check the bento box sites too. Even if you don't get the box there are some good food ideas.

Kate said...

I saw the hummus and pretzel packs at Gelsons. I used to eat them all the time in DC but couldn't find a place out here that sold them. Then I saw them at Gelsons and stocked up!

Jen said...

so many great ideas!!! Speaking of school, does your school have any moms like these???