Real Housewives Of New Jersery- Reunion Part Two-Who's In The Lady Pool Now?

Last week we watched as the drama ramped up to an insane level with Theresa jumping up and practically attacking Danielle. But as Andy said "they were just getting started".

They start with the incident at the Brownstone. Danielle blames Kim G for everything being so ramped up. She said Kim G was feeding her information. RIGHT. They bring up the gay slur stuff and Danielle says she is a gay advocate and she told Danny he should not have said what he said. She said she no longer speaks to Danny because of that. Still she says Kim G ruined that night.  Little does Danielle know Kim G is waiting in the wings!!!

Danielle then says she is being attacked and walks off. She is sick of the married men comments and Theresa's constant imitating. As she leaves she even gets Jacqueline off the couch! To be honest they are attacking her. Not that she doesn't deserve it, but we know Theresa is no saint. There are a lot of untruths there too. Andy even seems annoyed that Theresa cannot calm down and be civil. And Theresa's "I'm not gonna hit ha" is really starting to be insane.

Jacqueline's daughter Ashley comes up. Jaq tries to say that her daughter is nineteen and she can make her own choices, but what about the years before nineteen? There is a reason she turned out this way. This did not happen over night. Jaq says she's been like this since two? I have two words Military School. Jaq does say they took away her car and have never given it back!

As for death threats from Ashley to Danielle, "Bye" is not a death threat. If so, I killed my UPS man yesterday. As for Danielle answering a tweet about wishing Ashley dead? Of course. You know that happened! The excuse that Danielle is a mother and would never say something like that to Ashley is BS. Danielle has done, and continues to do things that are VERY UN-MOTHERISH. Then, the funniest thing ever happens. Danielle brings out a mannequin head with extensions on it to show how hard it is to pull out. At this point Caroline is practically peeing in her pants. Andy pulls and pulls but cannot pull that weave out. It kind of backfired! Seems like it can't be done!

Kim G, who is talked about constantly on the reunion shows, is then brought out and let me tell you NO ONE is happy. She walks out in what can only be called an 80's prom dress with what looks like some newly re-done horse teeth. Kim G is confronted by Caroline and Kim G has a bunch of excuses. Then Kim complains to Caroline about her seating at The Brownstone and when Caroline backs her down she does. This does not go the same for Theresa. When it is brought up that Theresa blogged about Kim G's "old lady butt crack" on the stripper pole. They got into it! Theresa did not back down and Kim G was about to throw down! Kim G has the same potty mouth Theresa does, she was cursing at Danielle all over the place!

Finally they talk about the showdown between Caroline and Danielle. Caroline thought it was ridiculous that Danielle showed up with armed guards when she is 5 foot 1 and she has never threatened Danielle. Caroline wants her to drop the charges and Danielle refuses. She says it was in the states hands which Jacqueline says is BS. The judge said she could drop it, asked her to, and she would not.

Theresa then says "Jacqueline would have never pressed charges if it was your daughter".

This sends Jacqueline into a new mode. She says she is sorry, doesn't like how she is acting. That this all has to stop. Danielle agrees. She apologizes. At this point no one knows what the hell is going on. Danielle even says she "embellished things" because she LOVED Jacqueline. Caroline rolls her eyes. Jaq says "it feels good to release it all, you will hear nothing else from me". Danielle cries crocodile tears. "I'm sorry for everything to do with Ashley, I care about her"...WTF!? Then she says: "you and I know what we were to each other."...ummmm what? Who says that to anyone but a LOVER? At this point I am as confused as Andy Cohen.

Danielle then says she will contact her attorneys and stop the Ashley charges.

Theresa steps in and says all she wants is to focus on her daughters now take Danielle down.

Then out of nowhere Daneile jumps up and HUGS THERESA! HOLY HELL! Caroline almost DIES! Then she goes over to jaq and hugs her too! While they are hugging for what seems like an ETERNITY, Danielle pets her head and whispers in her ear.

"No more, you have my word. I'm moving on and I'm happy. I'm sorry for what I did to you. I love you."

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT? Now I am convinced that Jaq at some point took a dip in the lady pool. I cannot understand their relationship otherwise! I think Danielle took advantage of her! Then when Jaq wanted out the fight began! That's my theory and I'm stickin' to it.

Then Danielle offers to shake hands with Caroline who reluctantly does.

Now Andy tries to end it there but NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Caroline says it's all BS! "I'm not going to say everything's lollipops and roses, cause it's not".

Danielle then tells her to let Jacqueline be her own person and stop telling her what to do.

At this point Andy cuts it all off and ends it because lord knows after eight hours someone has to! Did you watch


Kate said...

I haven't been watching RHONJ but after your recaps I may have to start!!!

Maureen said...

They are seven shades of shady - all of them. I can't help but watch. I had that exact reaction to Kim G's dress. Thought the hugging was a bit too much, but never considered your theory between D and J. Wild stuff. Love your recaps!

Beth Dunn said...

I think Theresa is insane!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

It was greatly entertaining! That Danielle/Jaq hug was the most uncomfortable TV moment I've had in a long time! Well, and also when Theresa got up in the first part and started shrieking at Danielle. I thought her head was going to start spinning!

Gracie Beth said...

Team Teresa ALL the way. I am so glad prostitution ho will NOT be returning.

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

OK, I have to watch this again.

It was my understanding that the court case re: Ashley was already done and over with. Ashley was convicted on a simple assault charge and had to pay $197 in fines.

What I thought Danielle was saying she would drop is the law suits that she has pending against other cast members (Teresa and Jaq.) I read that she filed something against them after the whole Ashley incident. I read that she also had a law suit against Dina where there was a gag order.

I don't see Jaq splashing in the lady pond, but maybe! What I think happened is that Jaq was hugging it out because she was sort of being blackmailed. "I'll drop the law suit if you hug me like you love me"


My skin is still crawling!

If they called Danielle for lunch right now she would be right there begging to be let back into the group. She's so pathetic!

icing on the cake said...

I love your update. Seriously, they do make me feel like I' a really nice person and a fantastic parent! :)

bevy said...

All I have to say is that RHOSouthCarolina would be such a snooze compared!