Get Smart! Out-smarting a Picky Eater!

I have achieved the impossible. Somehow I can still get Landon to eat a well balanced menu of foods. Okay, I had to make some strawberry yogurt a fruit? Here are the things that are working for me right now!

When I first put Landon in the chair he gets cranky if his food isn't ready asap, so the first thing I do is throw a handful of Cheerios on his tray and sometimes a few bite size pieces of Earths Best Organic Cereal Bars.
Then we have either
Oatmeal, with either apple sauce or
whole grain waffle
or we may begin regular cereal since he tries to eat mine!
He won't do eggs but who cares.. I don't like them either!

Lunch and dinner

Landon will not do a veggie. I have tried! But he'll still do baby food veggies! Doc said he was fine with it and he's eating more veggies than most kids!
I also either give him organic Black Forest Ham, or Turkey
or I cook ground chicken or turkey burgers a head of time and reheat
Organic Chicken hot dogs and mac and cheese
Aidelles sausages - Spinach and Feta, or chicken apple...he LOOOVES them and they're super easy. I even picked up a package of the meatballs they make.

He liked them but not as much as hubby did! Hard not to snack when you feed the baby!


Liz said...

I love your mom tip of the week. I don't have kids yet (trying) but will be putting your tips in my memory bank for when I do need them.

Anonymous said...

Will he eat mashed sweet potatos? Corn pudding? Just thinking that those might be a friendlier consistency - similar to baby food, but you can eat it too.

suburban prep said...

My sister's youngest is just short of two by about 4 weeks. He is a picky eater. He doesn't care for veggies. So what we do is make salsa and guacamole for him to put on pita chips and also the V-8 Fusion drinks have veggies and fruit in them.

Kiki said...

I do not really do veggies either, no kids here, but I just found those Flat Earth chips and they have ones that are made with sweet potatoes, called Mango Peach Madness, I eat them for dessert and they seem pretty healthy. My husband also found a coupon for a free bag on the internet. Not sure, either, if Landon is old enough to be eating these chips...but I swear they are so yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

if I may...the Boy is a M-E-A-T hound ,much like his Papa...And thankfully, Madre is on board with les Meat des Organic! (That's French for "Organic Meat")He shall be bull!

-The Mr...!!! Ole!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

I agree with the mashed sweet potatoes idea, or creamed corn...or even veggie burgers. We use Dr. Praeger's, which are good because they look like a burger but they have whole veggies (our second son is a meat-a-holic too). Also, you can sneak refried beans into quesadillas, or other veggies mashed up. This is a good bridge from baby purees to "real" veggies.

magnolia mama said...

My kids love carrots and hummus. DS2 is constantly asking for "more tumus".

Beth G. said...

Hi there! I'm catching up on your blog...hence another post from moi:)

My son is a VERY picky eater. Drives me nuts. Sometimes I think he runs on fumes rather than food. Thought I'd share a few things that he's been loving lately.

1. Gerbers Organic raviolis. Super easy to microwave and I put either marinara sause on them or just grated parmesean cheese.

2. Dipping carrots or cucumber sticks in Hummus.

3. Turkey meatballs from Trader Joes.

4. Turkey hotdogs (he like to dip in kepchup)

5. Corn (because it's sweet)

6. Trader Joes carries alphabet pasta for kids-he loves them!

7. Stonybrook farm organic yogurt tubes. ( I freeze them and then he squeezes the yogurt out and it's not as messy)

Hope these help!

Joyce said...

My picky eater is now 3 and the rules have slowly changed. When he was little, he was a cereal, sausage and sushi guy (cooked only of course). Strange choices, but okay.

Now we are finally to the point where we can insist he tries 3 bites of something before he leaves the table and now that he knows the rules, he's managed to try, and even like, a lot more foods.

One of my favorite things is watching all of my kids pick things from the garden. Somehow, it's more fun that way and they eat a lot more vegetables.