Lucky Seven

I was tagged by Magnolia Mama, Connecticut Charm and Biscuits are never boring to do seven weird or random things about me. Okay guys I get it! You think I'm weird. Ha. You're right! I'm sorry to say I have way more than seven. Here are the ones I think are the most weird and random!

1) I dated the Prince of Saudi Arabia.
I'm serious. I didn't realize he was a prince until I snuck a look at his passport and it read H.R.H!

2) Kevin Costner called me and left a message on my machine.
Back in my acting days I wrote a few letters to get myself in the door. Kevin called me at home and then invited me to audition for one of his movies. I was too young for the big part but he gave me a smaller one! I met him on set and he was HOT!

3) I do things in two's. Broke both my wrists, had a double hernia, and my appendix out twice!
Does this mean I'm having twins next? Good golly.

4) I won the bed in my guest room on a game show.
It was some show that never aired but needed contestants and I won the bed after correctly remembering what VCR stood for!

5) I determine how much I will pay for a shoe by the number of times I'll wear it.
For instance: if the shoes are $100, will I wear them 100 times? Etc!

6) I met hubby at a two year olds birthday party in Hollywood. We moved in two weeks later, engaged 6 months later, and married a year after that!

7) I hate sweet with meat.
Unless it's Chinese food, I hate fruit with meat. Ham with a pineapple on it? Gross. Prosciutto on melon? Yuck. You get the picture!

I now tag Tres Poshe Preppy and Hemstitch and Hydrangea if they haven't been tagged already!


Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

OK-So, you win the prize! The prince of Saudi? Kevin Costner? Winner on a game show? Girl, you have done it all! I enjoyed reading those. :)
PS-I have always wanted to be on the Price is Right. Ha! Ha!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

What a fun list! Wow, a Prince... Obviously, your Prince Charming was a sure thing! I love hearing when love just happens and when you know, you just go for it!!! I'm SO hoping that happens for me! ;)

Thanks for the tag! Will get going...

The Mrs. said...

Pinot! me too! I want to be of Price is right!!!

tres Poshe it will happen!!!

SnappyCasualGifts said...

thanks for the encouragement. It will just take me a little while to get back into thinking about what I eat. I had while I was pregnant, so it isn't new.
I agree with mean & sweets. YUCK
You had some very exciting answers.

The Don said...

The bed in your guest bedroom is one of the most comfortable I have ever laid my head on. Who knew it had such a rich history? It provides a weary traveler the perfect respite. I can't wait to visit again!

Happy Homemaker said...

What a great list!

Kelly Malloy said...

I met Kevin Costner too! He came to our high school when he was filming the Bodyguard - you are right - he is HOT!