Fabulous Decor- China Obsessions

I'll just say it up front, I am obsessed with China. Not the country, I mean dishes! I remember when I was getting married we weren't going to register for fine china. I thought it was too fancy. Cut to me LOVING it and using it every chance I get! It was my Dad who told me to look at Royal Crown Derby. Thank God I listened to him!!!
I have the Old Avesbury pattern. I had hubby look at a list of ten patterns and we picked the same one! When I picked it Dad admitted it was his favorite too but had compromised with my Step Mom and gotten Old Imari. Too funny. I use this with Gold chargers and it is fierce. It is very colorful but I am glad to have something this fabulous!

Here's my Dad's: Old Imari

For my everyday I use Spode Italian Blue. This is what my parents had growing up so somehow I felt compelled. It really is so nice to eat on every day!

Then I have my alternate every day by Varages. I use this when I get bored or do a luncheon here. It's so french and I love the whimsical little bird on it!

Thanksgiving is on the way and hubby's parents are coming. I will be breaking out the Royal Crown Derby for sure, but I try not to wait for a special occasion! Any day can use a boost with your fancy china! Don't leave it in your china cabinet wasting away!


Mrs. LSL said...

Thank you so much for the ideas! I appreciate it so much! And, your little boy is adorable. Hope you're having a great weekend! Take care.

Thirty-One Trendy said...

Hi. I just ran across your blog and think it's so cute! Your son is adorable.

I love china too. Although there's not much with home decorating that I don't like.

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

I just caught up on all your great posts. You are awesome. Glad you are okay in respect to the horrible fires. Hubby just got home from being Canoga Park this week. He said it reminded him of Katrina when he flew over to land at LAX. Thinking if you and love what you and family have been enjoying.

Preppy Napkin said...

Thanks for the comment on my outfit. I don't think they have Harold's in California. You can see everything on line-
www.harolds.com! Happy Shopping!

Happy Homemaker said...

Love china, too!! Great patterns!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Beautiful patterns. One of my best friends from college got all that Royal Crown Derby Old Imari pattern.