Fabulous Holidays- Landon's Christmas List

Landon just made out his Christmas list.
We'll see which grandparents are reading my blog!

1. Train Table from Land of Nod $399

Turns into this with leg extensions! Brilliant!!!

2. Pottery Barn Alphabet Flashcards $14

Great for learning words!

3.Turtle Sandbox $39.99

My sister had this and loved it.

4. Endless Adventures Double Decker Super Slide $379.99

He is one active guy now and needs to have some fun!

5. Apple Webcam ISight- $300

So all the long distance grandparents can see us!!!

6. Naturally Playful Sand and Water Activity Table $79.99

You can fill it with rocks, water, leaves and drive trucks through it!!! A fave of his at his mommy and me class.

7. Dirt Digger Long all from orient expressed $57.75 (18 months)

For church and an homage to Daddy!

8. Soft and Sturdy Jumbo Building Blocks $27 amazon.com

9. Cranium Twisty Tunnel $24.99 Amazon.com

he loves these at his friends houses!

10. Little Tykes Cozy Coupe $49.99

To ride around the pool in style (pool fence up of course!)

Merry Christmas!!!


Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

My daughter has that sand and water table. She got it for her first birthday and loved it. She still plays with it outside. Love the longalls- (I am partial to OE b/c I rep. for them!) Looks like little Landon will have a fun Christmas if Santa and grandparents pull through!

magnolia mama said...

We have the sand and water table. The boys LOVE it. I rarely put water in it because the sand seems to make it into both sides.

The 5 Bickies said...

Wish we lived closer...hubby wants his side of the garage back and is ready to pass on the cozy coupe and the cozy pick up truck. They have served us well for hours of fun outside.

My big boys like to ride down the hill to our backyard laying on the roof now...nice!

SnappyCasualGifts said...

santa brought my child the car last year. He loves it! I call it the Flinstones car, b/c you move it with your feet.

The Mrs. said...

5 Bickies! Wish we lived closer too!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

That is some list! Too cute. Ahhh, they still make that turtle sandbox...

Kelly Malloy said...

We have 2 of those Little Tykes cars at our house - we love them!