Cats Like Goldfish

Here is our kitty eating Landon's goldfish. I have now seen everything. Landon has been so whiny today because he's getting his one year molars (I think). Poor guy and poor Mommy!
Meanwhile, I have been working on our Calendars from Snapfish that we are giving for Christmas, all of them featuring Landon of course! People love them, especially because I put birthdays and anniversary's on them! A great gift.

This weekend like the rest of America I will be breaking out the Christmas decorations and going Christmas crazy. We aren't doing a tree this year (Sad), because we'll be going to Grandmommies house for Christmas in Connecticut. I will however, be putting garlands on everything that is standing still.

Poor hubby will be on Christmas light detail outside! Ho! HO! HOOOOOOO!


Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

Love the calendars! Such a good idea- I forgot about them- thats what I love about blogging- you not only learn new things - you remeber all of the things you used to know - :-)

We did one for my parents one year they loved it!

I too am going nuts with garland and fir smelling stuff and Jacks party - house prepations this week- no tree for us either- we leve for the holidays on the 19th!

You like us are probably doing the traveling years so you are home for Santa to start next year?

Did you see my post yesterday? I think you would have really like it-

magnolia mama said...

I tagged you.

Connecticut Charm said...

I did the calendars last year - everyone loved them. I tagged you on my site!