The Grandparents are coming!

Landon has no idea what's in store for him. The last time he saw hubby's parents was in Hawaii at Uncle Sharpy's wedding (Sharpy is Hubby's younger bro), and Landon was walking a little. Cut to today and he is RUNNING everywhere! Talking up a storm. I can make out some of it "Tiko, Tiko" = Tickle Tickle....but they will be blown away by little Mr. Personality. We have a big week planned, we are going to take Landon to Travel Town, where he'll get to ride a mini train! We may also go to the Getty Museum,

it is truly gorgeous up there. One problem is there are supposed to be 50mph winds coming our way! Hello? Isn't that a tornado?


Connecticut Charm said...

What an adorable picture! He looks like a very happy boy. How sweet! I'm sure everyone will have lots of fun!

SnappyCasualGifts said...

Oh, I know you are having so much fun with Landon. They really get to be a blast once they are walking and talking some. That museum looks beautiful.

Tickled Pink & Green said...

It's the same here with BabyGirl. My brother & sister-in-law haven't seen her since June, and in baby age that's a big difference. She wasn't walking or anything. Now she talks a lot - usually "Bye Bye" and "More" although it comes out "Mo-ah" in such a southern sounding accent. And she uses that word in regards to food. She always wants more. So funny. Holidays are so much fun with a little one who new to the whole experience.