Just Do It! What are we waiting for!?

Last weekend hubby played drums in the Church band. I was watching Landon as he saw Daddy do a little rehearsal. The look on his face was remarkable. "My Dad can play the drums?" He was amazed. It really got me thinking. What am I doing in my life that would inspire the same kind of amazement? Like everyone else on the planet, after having Landon I have been very focused on him. I realized that I need to cultivate my desires and passions. Instead of doing this I am annoyed at myself for not going to the gym. I think our children need to see us in our element, whether you are a wonderful baker, long distance runner, or trapeze artist. They need to see us doing these things, and trying new things, so they will learn to cultivate their passions. Brett has cycling, and his music, and hunting....what do I have?
Well, one of my secret wishes is to get into ballroom dancing. I do actually have rhythm and can do a few dances. I am starting to call some dancing schools in the area today. Rather than watching Dancing With The Stars, I want to be the star who's dancing! We'll see how far I take this. Next thing you know I'll be spray tanning myself and wearing a bikini made of feathers. Not really.
So Ladies (and gents too) what are your passions? What can you give yourself that you truly desire for your life? Share!


magnolia mama said...

I want my boys to see me as not only a good mother but a motivated, successful woman. I want them to have the utmost respect for women. Success can mean many things...a career woman, a PTA mom, a happy homemaker, etc. I want them to see me make choices that make me happy.

So things I'd really like to learn now...I'd love to take graphic design classes and I want to learn to sew.

Buford Betty said...

Dancing is a huge passion of mine and one of those things I kinda wish I'd never given up on. When we finish our basement (whenever that happens!), we're making one of the rooms into a dance studio complete with a wall of mirrors and a ballet barre... I can't wait! And I can't wait to introduce my future bambinos to dance!

The Mrs. said...

I agree MM. I want Landon to respect women and see me and all my sides. Hopefully not the bad ones!
And BB I love that we have this in common!!!

workinthatpreppy said...

you go girl! i agree you need to have hobbies you enjoy because YOU need to be happy first..it makes for a better mommy:o) unfortunately, my hobby list is loooong...can't wait to hear about the dancing

pinkpolkadotaa said...

My hobbies are sewing, creating, and desiging. I also run. I really like it when my son see's me on the treadmill (even though he usually tried to join me). I think it will show him the taking care of your body is importatn.

Great post by the way!