Prayer 101

Most of my friends, no matter their faith pray now and again. Even though I am at church every Sunday it's hard for me to pray for myself. I somehow have judgement of how I do it, what I say. Praying like any other disciplines, is something you just have to get in the habit of.

Last Sunday at church, Preacher gave a great idea. Set your alarm on your phone for a random time each day. Something like 2:22pm. At 2:22pm every day stop what your doing and pray. 

This is perfect for me, I am often too tired at night and get really busy! So I set my alarm and of course forgot all about it. (this is the whole point!) Yesterday, while out with the family, I got out of the car to get something. I left my husband and kids in the car while the alarm went off! My husband smirked. Right then I prayed he'd have more patience with me.

See? It works!


PaperCourt said...

Great idea!

lizziefitz said...

I think we could all use "that" prayer ;) thanks for the tip .

Anonymous said...

I love that picture!

Anonymous said...

I love how timely all your posts are darling!! I have been working on this for the last year. I can't say I pray every day but I do when ever I think about it. With the craziness of life, family, friends and sadly as I get older illness among a few close friends I find that praying centers me and gives me peace.

When praying for myself I don't ever feel guilty, I think it makes God happy to hear from us, whenever and for however long we have. (kinda like a parent with their child :)) I pray for patience mostly but I also pray that I be open to his will in my life.

I think you are wonderful to broach this topic!

Ms. Ouiser