Halloween Week! Menu Planning For My Halloween Party

My annual (haha this is the 2nd time!) Trick or Treat Party is on Halloween and I am a busy bee on Pinterest looking for inspiration and menu planning!

There will be 12 kids, 14 adults and 2 babies!

Adult Menu:

Fancy grilled cheeses:
1) Ham and swiss with dijon mustard on Rye
2) Pesto, Goat cheese, and portabello mushroom on pumpernickle
3) smoked gouda and tomato on wheat
4) Gruyere, apple, and carmelized onion on potato bread

Tomato Basil Salad

Devils on Horseback

Sheila's Green Olive dip in a pumpkin

Kids menu:

English Mummies

Candy Corn Pizzas


Pumpkin Cake

RIP Pudding

Witches Hat Cookies

Mini Pumpkins

Most of these recipes can be found at: http://www.familyfun.go.com!


Debra said...

Everything looks yum! Love the grilled cheese ideas - and that dip in the pumpkin, such a festive idea.

We are taking white and milk chocolate dipped pretzel rods with spiders and mice and other spooky things on them to a party on Mon.

Have fun!

Suburban Princess said...

You may have a pack of impressed bloggers knocking at your door that day!

Everything looks like so much fun!

The Morrows said...

Cute ideas! Sounds like a blast

Lori said...

You are going to have a house full, how fun!!! Good luck with it all, I'm sure it will be a blast!! And take pictures!!
Thanks for the comments and yes, please add me to your list, I want a Coco!! :)

bevy said...

Live the dip in the pumpkin! And thanks for your sweet comments... xox

Kate said...

too cute! i went to that website and made some of the treats featured there for my son's halloween party.