Halloween Decorating- and a new edition to the family

Each year (hahhahaa just started last year) we host a Trick Or Treat Party. We live in a nice flat and very Halloween spirited neighborhood, but lots of my friends live on steep hills with neighbors who could care less! Last year they were blown away by my Mayberry-esque neighborhood. In the middle of Los Angeles no less!

I (I mean the Mr) have lugged out the six (you heard me correctly) bins of Halloween decor and I am working on cute little vignettes. Spider web on the front window of the house, skulls on the den mantle, sequined bats on the chandelier...

But the newest member of our Halloween family is this lady:

Her head moves and she is giant. We have officially freaked out the dog.

You can get her too at Chasing Fireflies!

Thanks Mimi! She looks amazing!


Just Ask Beth said...

my girls love to decorate..and my hubby can carve a pumpkin(martha stewart style) like nobody's business!! At least we are experiencing Fallish temps here in SC!

Lin said...

It just dawned on me that we haven't decorated at all...we suck haha. I love it when people go all out & your new addition is pretty awesome ;)

Melissa said...

I love Halloween! Post pics of your decorations when you're all done please!

Lydia Isabelle said...

I second Melissa's comment of wanting to see pictures of your decorations!

the hubs and I decorated the other day.. I just love Halloween!! I can't wait for Christmas!