Menu Planning Monday!

Who's with me! Let's do this! (I can see how excited you are). I swear this saves a ton of time and energy, not to mention MONEY! Let me know if you post your menus so I can see new things to try! Keep in mind it's supposed to be 90 degrees here next week!!

Monday: Greek Salad, Baked chicken, Taboule

Tuesday: Pesto Mushroom Goat Cheese Pizza and Arugula salad

Wednesday: Turkey Tacos

Thursday: Smoked salmon pasta and Ceasar salad

Friday: Pork Loin and Pearl Cous Cous with cucumber, mint and feta

Saturday: Out to a Fondue Dinner Party!

What's on your menu this week?


Jen said...

We are having:

(Last night)- chili and cornbread

Tonight - Carbonara pasta

Tuesday - Veggie risotto

Wednesday - Trader Joe's mandarin orange chicken and rice

Thursday - make your pizza

Friday - tomato soup and salad?

Saturday - out!

sfitzg2 said...

I haven't gone grocery shopping yet this week but I think I will have to try some of the yummy dishes you are having!

Preppy Sue said...

Ooh, the smoked salmon pasta sounds yummy! Unfortunately, I'm the only salmon eater in me house :(

Anonymous said...

I love your menu planning idea -- simple, but so amazingly smart! I copied you last week and today posted my week's dinner menu on a large sticky note inside a kitchen cabinet. That way I'm reminded of the night's dish, reminded of any grocery items I might need for that night and will make lunch choices for the kids accordingly. And I dislike clutter, so the sticky list is unseen...! Plus I like the idea of honoring any dish I might prepare with a special name and a place on an actual 'menu'! Thanks for sharing!

Debra said...

Your salmon pasta sounds good. I may have to try it.

Our menu is:
Tonight-leftovers (we always have a big meal on Sunday & usually have tons of meat leftover so I make sandwiches, quesadillas or salad)

Tuesday- going out for our Anniversary

Wednesday-Ham steak sandwiches (hubby has a hockey meeting)

Thursday-Roast turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes

Friday-Grilled Salmon, broccoli,rice

Saturday-Lasagna, salad, french bread