Fall Fashion Week! What to wear: Guest Post By Beth Dunn! Social Climbers Novelist and Fashionably Preppy!

Fall is my version of New Years. The cooler air feels like a fresh start! Summer is so busy but when the boys are back to school I motivate to build my wardrobe, try a great new nail polish color and find the perfect black driving shoe.

This fall I've been obsessed with finding what were called "Cowl neck" sweaters when I was a child. I love a boxy sweater to pair with my fun printed cigarette pants. As a mother of two young active son's--I spend a lot of time outside. If I'm not wearing my fur sweater with riding pants I think it's totally appropriate to wear long sleeve wool dresses with riding boots. I have cashmere scarfs in every color and no outfit is complete without an arm full of bracelets. The nice part of the sweater dress is once home from a day of hiking I can just change the boots into my new green suede Lilly Pulitzer wedges and I'm good to go. Once the babysitter has ordered pizza Husband and I can attend a fund raiser or go out for dinner.

I don't change my purses daily but I have so many fun brown, orange, and yellow bags I have to switch every few weeks. When I wear jeans (which is next to never) , I dress them up with a cashmere sweater and ballet flats. Another way I'll wear jeans is with a silk ruffled blouse, a cardigan and open toe heels.

Beginning in August I collect J. Crew catalogs, Lilly Pulitzer catalogs and search the internet for Kate Spade, JM, and Lesley Evers. I try to figure out where I have gaps in my wardrobe for example if I have a pair of pants I love but nothing that looks good on top. Then I begin the shopping!!!!

Collars up


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Kayris said...

I love cowl neck tops. The only problem with them is you have to be careful when you bend over. I've flashed people before.

Beth Dunn said...

Thanks for having me love!