Who do you want to be week...

Who do you want to be....as a Mother?

Loaded question right?

I want to be a mother and not a friend. Someone who nurtures and loves yet sets limits and sets an example. Someone who is respected and not feared.

I hope Landon and baby girl (nick name revealed tomorrow! Are you DYING!?), see me as a loving mother, caring wife, creative writer, and all around fun gal!

I want to be present with my kids, not distracted, but able to also break away to take care of myself, spend time with friends, and do my work. I know a balanced life is practically impossible to achieve but, I want to show them they need balance too!

I want to be the kind of mother who is full of surprises, who runs a happy home but doesn't take any lip!

I don't want to spoil my kids but rather expose them to some amazing adventures and inspire curiosity. I want them to be interested and motivated.

I always knew I'd be a mother, and some days I feel like I'm doing a damn good job. Let's hope my kids think so!

The Mrs.


Nantucket Karen said...

I'd like to be "YOU" and have a new Baby Girl in @ 10 weeks:) What a sweet picture of you and sweet little Landon!
Names: "Vicki"? "Tamra"????

Pink in a sea of blue said...

"Someone who is respected and not feared" is a good one. I admit I scream sometimes at the kids out of frustration, but am working on it. We're having problems with the lip around here so I'm doing my best to nip it now! No way will it be tolerated or carry into teenage years. You definitely have to be a parent first and then a friend.

Bee and Rose said...

You took the words right from under my typing fingertips!

I think about this especially for my daughter's sake:) (and I want my son to marry someone just like me,of course..lol!) He's only 12 so we've got some time for brainwashing...lol!

Melissa said...

I love what you said, and that's the type of mother I hope to be someday! I honestly wish more of my students had moms (and dad's) like that!

Can't wait for the nickname to be revealed!

preppy little dress said...

Adorable blog, this is my 1st visit! Those Nilla wafers are making me hungry! ha! ha!

Cindy said...

I figure if you're a parent now and play your cards right, you can be their friend later when they are an adult. That said, there are times when Sophie is my best pal. I just truly enjoy spending time with her, especially now that she old enough to go out to lunch, go on a hike, etc.

Can't wait to hear the name!! Yes, I am DYING.

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

This is a wonderful post (as always). My thoughts are this, you have good days and bad days with your children. As long as you know you are having a "bad day", and move on, you will be fine. Being perfect all the time is impossible. My other thought, even though you need to be the parent, it is important make sure you spend friendship time with your children(especially when they are older)--going shopping together, out to lunch --just because. Sometimes we are so busy parenting and fall into that role, we forget to have some fun for fun sake.

Brie said...

Well said! I'm always striving for balance but fun has to had too :) I have a magnet that says - if mama aint happy, nobodys happy! it's really so true! Can't wait to hear baby girls nickname - You're entering the final stretch!!!!