Real OC Recap...the finale!

Well it was "old home" week on the OC housewives and we got to see all the old characters come out of the woodwork!

Jeanna went on a date with a cutey pie and sabotaged the date all over the place. No matter what he said she tried to boss him around and kill it. Like when she said she'd never let a man open a door to a car for her. When the car stops she wants to get out! Hello? Give a man his balls please and let him open you're door! At the end we see they are now only friends, big surprise!

Brianna freaked Vicki out with her wanting to go into the army and be a nurse thing, at the end it says she changes her mind, but you can see Vicky is not a big listener. She tried to tell her before. Brianna however, is just being a drama queen because Colby broke her heart. She's trying to get attention!

Raquel, Lynnes daughter makes me ill. I cannot stand her, Making fun of her mother for asking her to get a job and Lynne taking it? Ridiculous. They're both idiots.

At the party we get to see Jo (ugly bangs! yucky!), Lori (come back we miss you!) and her spoiled annoying kids (poor Josh), Slade (idiot!), Tammy and her kids (cheeseball!), but noticeably absent was poor sick Jeff.

Tamra gets a bracelet (wowsa), Vicky went on about a Rolex she bought herself (see above comment about giving a man his balls and let hubby take credit lady!) and Gretchen gets a motorcycle (random). Vicki will not go see the motorcycle because she says Gretchen is trying to get attention, but she'll go around the party showing her Rolex!

We finally hear of Jeff's passing through Jeanna is a bizarre public service-like announcement. Strange.

I am dying to see the reunion show because clearly the poop hits the fan! Did you watch?


Kyla said...

Oh my gosh, how did I miss this??

I'm defintely crossing my fingers for a re-run!!

Melissa said...

I thought Jo's bangs looked terrible! WHY did she do that to herself?

All I saw on this episode was jealousy and lots of it. Tamra acts like she's the only person in the world who has ever had the idea of a pink Harley, and anyone else who wants one is obviously copying her! If I recall correctly, Jeff has several Harleys and wanted his fiancee to have one too. I don't think it had anything to do with Gretchen being a "stalker." Also, Tamra got a gorgeous bracelet that was worth more than Gretchen's bike! Why all the jealousy?

Vicki says she hates that Gretchen wants attention all the time, but Vicki is just as bad! All she did was show off her Rolex that she bought herself!

I can't stand Raquel anymore. It's going to be very difficult to watch next season is Lynne and her bratty children are back.

I cannot wait for the reunion! It looks like it's full of drama! I think Tamra is going to accuse Gretchen of being paid to care for Jeff and be with him till he died (I also found the way his passing was mentioned in the show was odd. I can't wait to hear your commentary on the reunion and the NYC women! Are you watching that one?

ursula said...

Tell me about it! Can't wait for the reunion show! I heard very disturbing rumors that Gretchen had a boyfriend throughout the whole season, and Tamra knew about it - - something about him being with her in Bass Lake. Remember that episode in which Tamra was freaking out on Gretchen, pointing at her, and accusing her of being at Bass Lake??!! I thought she was overreacting, but if this secret beau thing is true, then points for Tamra. I will be in front of the tv with a glass of wine to find out.....

Kiki said...

I can't wait for the reunion and have to say that I am so sad about the way these women treat each other. I wish that they would find some women who were doing soemthing good with their time, parenting their kids in a way that isn't damaging and nasty, money flaunting, attention grabbing awfulness.

Where are the women like you OFM??? I'm tuning in to the NY one but if it turns into more fighting nastiness....I'll find a good book to read at night.

Preppy Sue said...

Hi! Check my blog, I tagged you for "The Bag Tag" :)

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

They are all so gross but I can't wait for the reunion!!!!!!!!

Jesslee said...

OMG! These people are CRAZY! I know Brianna wants attention, but I can only imagine the damage of not having a dad or having a mom who is a self-obsessed work-a-holic who never listens to you. You can tell all she wants is someone to love her and "show" it, not buy it. And her brother Micheal, UGH!

I don't really feel that bad for Don, I think he puts up with Vicki's crap b/c she pays for everything. He's like a man-Gretchen. haha

Jeanna will never have a man with her bad attitude.

Tamra has no reason to be jealous, Simon gifts her constantly, and the bracelet -To Die!

Jo & Slade, you said it best -Yuck& seriously, white thongs.

You can see that Jeff was an intelligent man and knew what he was getting with Gretchen, I definitely think they had an "understanding" but mutual relationship, he got what he wanted and so did she. I'd looove to know what she got in the end.

I wish we could have seen what was up with Quinn.

And I wonder who is backing Ashley's skincare line???

I can't wait for the reunion show!

Brie said...

Jo's bangs were not a good thing. yowza!

I thought the lavish "on air" gifts from Simon and Jeff were completely ridiculous. Tamra is such a little baby whining "I said I wanted a pink Harley"

I think Jeana is the kindest and most open minded of the bunch. She should have gone a little easier on her date! I hope she finds someone nice who suits her.

I'll be front and center for the reunion tomorrow