Top baby names of 2008! And baby girls nick name!

I always love when these lists come out. I won't post the whole hundred but you can see Landon has climbed up to 30! I don't see baby girls name on here until almost 100. She is being named after her grandmother on my mothers side. Not sure if I will reveal it!

Girls Names /Boys Names
1 Emma Aiden
2 Sophia Jayden
3 Madison Ethan
4 Isabella Jacob
5 Olivia Caden
6 Ava Jackson
7 Madeline Noah
8 Addison Jack
9 Hailey Logan
10 Lily Matthew
11 Kaitlyn Nicholas
12 Chloe Ryan
13 Abigail Brayden
14 Emily Michael
15 Riley Gavin
16 Mia Dylan
17 Ella Lucas
18 Hannah Caleb
19 Kaylee Andrew
20 Sarah Connor
21 Alyssa Alexander
22 Makayla Joshua
23 Mackenzie Tyler
24 Layla Nathan
25 Grace Daniel
26 Kylie Mason
27 Zoe Evan
28 Samantha Zachary
29 Natalie William
30 Peyton Landon

Is your baby name on here? Do you worry about how popular a name is? I do. I won't go naming the baby Bronx Mowgli or anything, but I will reject a name if it's too popular. I like family names too.

I think it's interesting to see how pop culture influences the list. Britney's kids names are on there, Aiden is from Sex and the City, and Emma was Jennifer Anniston's baby's name on friends! Coincidence? I think not.

I won't reveal her name.... but we are going to call her....


Baby Coco is coming to town! Yahoo!


kenady said...

Neither of my kids' names are on the list and I have to say I like it that way. I chose their names because I liked them and because I didn't want them to have a name that every other kid has. I'm not sure if I've told you their names... in case I haven't...

McKenna Raynn
Brady Robert

hope you are feeling well!

Jessi said...

Yea for Coco!!!

Bamawhitney said...

I see my Sofia is still ranked high up, we just do not spell it with the ph.

I am loving Coco as a nickname!

lizziefitz said...

Too cute!

Elisabeth said...

Super cute nickname for baby! I don't see our baby girl name on there--but it has had a rise in popularity. Every time I tell someone it, they say "like the name of the kid in the TV show..."...I want to yell "NO! I had it first!!!!" but, don't. LOL.

Landon was in the running for our boys name...until I really made the connection that it is your sons name. Even though we don't really know each other, I can't knowingly share a name with someone I even sometimes chat with! LOL.

I am having mixed feelings about sharing our real names on the blog...we'll see. I may just do it.

Anonymous said...

Coco is a cute name! From the popular list - it pretty much mirrors the popular names over here as well! Are you choosing middle names?

Kate said...

I can already tell she is going to be one hip little girl with a nickname like that! I love it!

I am so tired of the Cayden, Jayden, Brayden names!

Melissa said...

Cute nick name! :)

Both my girl and boy choices are in the top 10! Guess I'm not too creative lol!

Sandra said...

Neither of my children's names is on the list and that i fine with me. Both have very traditional + family names. I am totally against very trendy | weird names. Parents sometimes forget that the child is the answering in class when roll is called and getting a smirk or whatever cause the name is weird. Many children don't like having those "weird" names. Can you tell that I taught school for 30+ years? hehe

Dugout Daisy said...

when i was little i hated my name cos no one had it, i felt it was an old lady's name, hah! but about a couple years ago i began seeing it everywhere! then i secretly wished it wasn't so popular, hahaha. my friend's thought i was nuts and just imagining things, but then the list came out, bam! #2!!! hahaha!

oh, so now you know my real name ;)

cancersucks said...

Counting down until Coco's arrival! Super cute. I am happy for you guys!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Neither of my boys' names are on there and I like it that way. Although I do feel bad when we're in toy stores with "name" items. #1 is always looking for his and it's not there! I like Coco. 10 weeks to go?! Wow!

Always Organizing said...

Coco is too cute for a nickname! I don't have kids yet, but love the name Riley for a girl and Kurt for a boy. My dad's middle name is Kurt and I would love to honor him by using it.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

I agree that you don't want a name that is toooooo popular...our girl name when I was pregnant with R was "Madeline" and then suddenly *everyone* started naming their girls Madeline. Both our boys have family names. :)

Kate said...

Coco is adorable!! Popularity was a factor (con) when we were choosing our children's names...we didn't want anything too outlandish, but we didn't want our kids to be one of several with the same name in their classes (We know soooo many Ava'a!) So...Caroline Anne & Finnegan James...not too unusual, but not overdone either.

Kiki said...

Yipeee for Coco!!!

My favorite Auntie is called Coco, her name is Corinne though. I always think I'd use family names if I were ever to have children. Especially since my dad passed, I loved his middle name, Douglas.

Thanks for sharing her excited!!! Hope you are feeling well!!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Yep. Angry Toddler is on the list, #5...sigh... It was soo original in 2005.

I love love love the nickname Coco.

P.S. Send me your address... I'm going to mail you that "One Fifth Avenue" book I was talking about on my blog last week.....

The Shabby Princess said...

Aw, what a cute nickname!

Clearly, we don't have kids yet, but, I have my names picked out (I think). They aren't overly popular, but are more popular than I thought they would be (I check the lists regularly!!). We like traditional or "older" names if you will, but, they seem to be climbing the ranks these days! And yes, Emma wasn't even popular until Friends! It's a family name for us, but, we won't use it because it's soooo popular, and every since we started dating, I dreamed of naming our daughter Emma after her aunt, great grandmother, etc... boo!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Love Coco! We call my daughter, Catherine "Cat"...I thought I was so! Then it started showing up in movies and tv! Oh well!

Clare said...

coco, so cute! i love the nickname. bradley i am sure isn't on the list, he is actually bradford or 'brad' his grandfather who passed away a week before i found out i was pregnant. i love family names too!!

Mags said...

We love CoCo. That's what my sister is called by all her nieces and nephew.

Great nickname!!! How did you decide on that?

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Oh Coco is really cute!

And I definitely make sure my names are NOT on the top lists. I love traditional, but not too common. When I'm on trips or in stores where they have those displays with things (pens/magnets/keychains, etc.) with all the kids names on it, I'm secretly thrilled when neither of my girl's names are there because it means they're not trendy.

Suzanne said...

My son's name is #15...on the girl's side! Oh well, it suits him.

My mom's name and my middle name is at #25.

Love Coco, so cute!

Claire said...

Love Coco - because it is my sister's nickname (have to stop myself from calling her that at work!- we work at the newspaper together)- My name is Claire Avis - I was named for my mom's cousin Claire and a good friend of my mom's, Avis Lovejoy (always liked that name), and I loved my middle name until the Rent-A-Car business started!!! They really ruined the name for me.

Far From Perfect said...

I love the Nick name Coco. My roommate in college was Coco- (1980).. she still goes by it today. Love it.

I agree the that single Mom is FN!

leslie said...

coco is cute but it's courteney cox's daughter's name... so no making fun of emmas and aidens!

Cindy said...

Is CoCo short for Courtney? That's the nickname my girlfriend uses. And my daughter has school friend named Nicole that uses that nickname. Congrats on picking a name!

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

Coco is such a cute nickname! I hope you are doing well!