Recipe For A Fabulous Valentines Day

How do you have the perfect Valentines Day at home?

1) Lobstergram:
We had a wonderful night dining on lobster bisque, crab cakes and lobster from Lobstergram. Top it off with key lime pie!!!

2) A gorgeous table: I set the table with our Royal Crown Derby China (Old Avesbury) and added in my Grandmommie's (Coco's namesake) purple glasses, and waterford crystal for our water glasses. It was my Father who encouraged me to get the RCD and gave me all my pieces! He also gave me the waterford glasses and my Towle (Old Master, but not pictured) silver!I treasure it now and every time I use it I am so grateful to have it! Thanks Dad!!!! Setting a fancy table makes you feel wonderful.

3) Roses from hubby and a mushy card!

The perfect evening!!

Did you watch Oprah's Valentines Day episode rerun? The opening wish she granted just kills me. Maybe because I LOOOOOOOOOVE Patty Labelle!!! Watch this unsuspecting husband as he fulfills his dream of doing a duet with her!!!

Who's your dream duet partner? Mine would be Luther Vandross (may he rest in peace). I don't know if I could keep singing like this guy did!!!



Barefoot in the Park said...

Your table looks lovely!

I must admit, I cried at Oprah. I was most impressed with the duet guy and how he kept on keeping on like he was singing in the shower! I really cried at the puppy ...

Happy belated v-day!

Melissa said...

Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day! I love your china pattern!

My duet partner would have to be Elton John. There's no other option for me. Too bad I can't sing lol!

Hazel Martin Designs said...

OMG! I saw Patty YEARS ago in Vegas... with Jay Leno!
She is the Best!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

yummy! and adorable table!

Eloise said...

Your table looks beautiful! I love your china!

Clare said...

looks like an awesome vday with the hubby! the table setting is amazing!

The Major's Wife said...

I have old master too, love it!!!!!!

melissa said...

I also adore Luther Vandros - lovely valentine's table!