Who do you want to be week...

I was pondering these questions while waiting in the OB's office for one solid hour. There was a magazine called PINK that had an interview with a Suzy Welch, who believes in the 10-10-10 strategy. More on that later in the week.

She asked in her interview: Who do you want to be? In all parts of your life. We can do a little soul searching now since Christmas is over and we're not out shopping as much!

So the first question is:

Who do you want to be.....in a relationship.

In my marriage, I would like to be the supportive, loving, caretaker...but a lot of times I end up being the negative, nagging, judger! Help! Making it worse is being mean and pregnant of course...

I like to think I really try to out my partners needs above my own, but sometimes darn it, I am running my own agenda.

So that's me in marriage. In friendships? I think I do better in this area. I try not to judge, be supportive and helpful, and bring the fun! It's hard enough getting together with friends but I want it to be a good experience!

Becoming a mother has made me want to just cut the people out of my life who are fake and mean. I don't have time for it! I really like spending time with friends who are real, loyal, and funny. I guess I try to be all those things too. I think there's something beautiful about being where you are in your life, good or bad, and having a sense of humor about it.

So the question comes back to you? Who do you want to be in relationships?
You can tell me anonymously if you like!


Melissa said...

I honestly agree with what you want to be in your marriage! I try to be supportive and loving (I have the caretaker part down), but I do tend to be negative and nag a lot! I also want to be more patient and understanding. I love this question!

Anonymous said...

A friend's parents have been married for 40+ years. We asked them how they do it and they said, "Always put your spouse above yourself. If both of you do this, your marriage cannot fail." I thought that was great...because it isn't all about one person giving and the other taking - if you both put each other first, the marriage works.

Also, too many women put their spouse on the back burner after having children. The husband feels a bit displaced, even if he doesn't vocalize it. As nutty as this sounds, making a regular commitment to alone time (and sex) with your spouse does wonders for a marriage.

Great post.

PaperCourt said...

I want to be happy. I have been known to easily get down in the dumps but I strive to be happy in the moment!

I nominated you for the Sweet Sensation award (because you are utterly AWESOME) over at http://newlywedcentral.blogspot.com/.

Savvy Mode SG said...

my sister always tell me it's very important to make time for the hubby and only make friends with people who are genuine.