Bachelor Recap!

Jason took the ladies to Seattle to see his home town. I have to say I think I looove Seattle! Looks gorgeous and romantic although I think it rains every second of the day doesn't it?

He had a date with Melissa that got canceled because he decided to sat home with Ty. Have to say I was really glad about that. Melissa took it like a champ and I still think she is going to be in the final two.

As for the group date, it was kind of queer having a kissing contest and Stephanie the single mom still freaks me out.

On his date with Naomi they climbed a rock wall and flew in a plane. Sorry but she seems sooooooo fake! It's weird! I'm also still suspicious of the girl from Canada, Jillian. She seems mental. Something unstable about her.

In the end he got rid of Stephanie and was very emotional about it as were all the other girls!!! At least their all getting along and liking each other, refreshing!

I think Molly and Melissa will be the two he's down to. The preview was very exciting of the hometown dates! Melissa's parents boycott the show, Jillian's mom has depression, Naomi's mom has a dead bird she's carrying around!!! Will Molly's family like him? What a psycho Grandma too!!!

Can't wait!

The Mrs.


Melissa said...

I was sad to see Stephanie go. She seemed really sweet, but it was obvious e wasn't too into her.

I agree on your final 2 picks!

Nantucket Karen said...

Thanks for this!! Missed it last night, and your re-caps are THE BEST!

Yellow Beads said...

I went to Seattle twice. What amazed me more than the rain was the number of HOMELESS. I mean, it's either wet or cold, so why would you want to be on the streets.

PaperCourt said...

Seattle is great! And it really doesn't rain every day.

Unknown said...

I really liked Stephanie but am glad he stopped trying to force it with her. She seems like such a great person, but there certainly was never any real chemistry there. BTW, have you heard about the spoiler alert on YouTube? I just posted about it HC&B...very interesting.

ilovepink said...

I can't wait until next week too! Hopefully, I will be home from the hospital, watching it with my girls! (or the littlest one anyway...big sis should be asleep!) I do think these families have issues!!! Should be interesting! Jason is most definitely the kissingist bach ever!!

Clare said...

i too am loving this season of the bachelor. i loved seatle, it looks amazing! i worry about naomi, she seemed cute at first, but something is weird. the preview for next week looked hilarious, with her crazy mama! can't wait!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I've never watched The Bachelor much (I did see some of the ones with Travis the doctor awhile back) and my friend LOVES the show, so I decided to tivo all the episodes this season and I sat and watched them back to back a few nights ago and of course I'm hooked.

I was shocked (& pleased) that he dumped Natalie? after their big jet set date. And he was right to do so because look how she acted!

I'm not sure about Jillian either. And besides, he needs an american girl! I'm thinking Molly. She seems to be the preppy one! (saw a preview of her in her argyle golf sweater coming this Monday!) ....

I was shocked that Shannon did not act more nutso when he let her go. I just KNEW she would have to be dragged out kicking and screaming. I was very surprised at how mature she was.

I'm REALLY not getting that Naomi is still around. I don't put them together AT ALL!