Bachelor Recap!

And then there were two!

The Bachelor was fabulous tonight. In New Zealand we got to see three very different dates with three very different Bachlorettes!

Jillian (Canadian girl) had lunch on top of a mountaintop and a helicopter ride. The whole time I knew she was going home, the whole thing seemed so forced. She just seems so aggressive and talky! No chemistry.

Molly went bungeee jumping and showed up to lunch with a list of 20 questions (cute but a little psycho, and then of course the fantasy suite. He went on about how great her family is...really? Anyhoo, she's still a contender.

Melissa (she's the one people), was still upset about her parents not being willing to meet Jason, but time in the jacuzzi heals all wounds! HA!

These too are crazy for each other and (spoiler alert) everyone is predicting her because they say you can see her ring on her pinky as he proposes in the clips. I could care less cause I picked her all along!

He got rid of Jillian and she tried to lawyer her way out of it. (Hello you're going home anyway, take it like a woman!) Jason was very upset.

The whole episode I was waiting for Deanna, but the previews were by far the best part! The Bachlorettes tell all is next but I don't care, the final episode in two weeks is what I want to see! Deanna comes to see him and messes everything up. To top it off he is bawling. Then, because of some drama there will be no audience for the final after the rose show. Hmmmm...Melissas parents disapprove? Jason upsets Molly so much she's suicidal? Melissa's parents meet Jason? What do you think it is? I am dying to know!!!!


Surf Girl said...

Okay - You have me totally hooked on this season! I did not know who he was going to pick last night! I hope he ends up with Melissa. I felt kinda bad for Jillian - she looked so pathetic towards the end.
Now I can't wait for the finale!

Melissa said...

I thought Molly was going to go instead of Jillian! I was a little shocked! I could have done without the really steamy hot tub scene with Jillian and Jason! I was kind of grossed out and I yelled "I don't want to see that!" Melissa definitely wins, no question.

I am DYING to find out what's going on with the drama and everything! Can't wait!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

I watched the dates, but I fell asleep during the rose ceremony!! I knew it was Jillian going home, too. I don't like Molly too much either. Definitely Melissa. You have me all excited about the last show now.

Hillary Jordan said...

Have you heard that Melissa and Molly get into a screaming match because the show has been scripted from the beginning for Melissa to be the final one? And Molly supposedly calls the producers out on it, because she feels like she has been used.

And I read that Jason proposes to Melissa, they break up, and then he later decides that he is actually in love with Jillian, which was my personal fave anyway! I was upset to see her go home.

Jen said...

I have to say, the final group of
girls this go-round is hiqh quality, much better than the top
contenders in the past. I liked Jillian, and I think Melissa and Molly are both excellent choices. Can't wait for two weeks from now!
Between Deanna's appearance, his final decision, and the after the rose - it will be a big night!

Mags said...

I don't follow the show, but like reading your synopses! Congrats on winning one of my sister's first give-aways!!!

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I don't watch the show.

I am new to your blog, and I see you are expecting! How exciting, pretty soon too!!

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I couldn't believe that he let Jillian go after getting so physical with her! I was embarrased watching that!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I thought Jillian was a little too desperate at the end there! Whoa!

This was the first episode I watched the whole way husband hasn't missed one yet! lol!

The 5 Bickies said...

My hubby messed up the dvr and I caught the last 20 minutes...I was so bummed! Thanks for your recap.

I am totally intrigued by the previews...the privacy piece is very unusual. I think he meets Melissa's parents.

Unknown said...

Great recap...the only thing that I might add is that this show is all about editing. You are so right that the relationship with Jillian seemed forced but the show was trying so hard (through editing) to make it seem like she's the one. And in talking to some friends, she seemed to be a fan favorite. As for the Deanna appearance...I don't think she is there to tell him she made a mistake and wants him back. That's what producers wanted us to believe when they first showed that clip at the beginning of the season. I think she is coming to provide him with guidance. I mean, at this point, if he would even consider taking her back then he would be the biggest loser (and I am not talking about the weight loss show on NBC!). And about the spoiler...did you notice that they did not show any of the "down on one knee" clips to preview the final episode? Adn they are building up the after the rose episode so that it can be "the most shocking rose ceremony in bachelor history." Oh, how I would love to be Chris Harrison!

Clare said...

i am so dying to know what is up with the after the rose show too!! jason bawling, i mean that isn't just a few tears. i am worried something happens to someone, it is just scary!!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Wow I read Hillary's comments above...could that be true?

I was fooled all along...I thought it would be Jillian, but you're right...something about this last week didn't seem right. However I notice that he still chose to spend the night with her. Hmmm.. Do you think he really actually sleeps with all of them? That would be 3 girls in 3 nights....which is kinda disgusting if you are the final girl he chooses (but not if you're Jason)..Lol.

I can't wait for the finale.