The Bachelor Goes On The Hometown Dates!

I almost died last night.....not cause of the Bachelor but from Mexican food and heartburn! Oh my! But I digress....Jason went home to four ladies crazy family lives and I am surprised he's keeping any of them!!!

This went exactly how I knew it would. I knew Naomi was going home, they had no chemistry, but her mom with the dead dove in the bag and hoola hoops? That's enough to make anyone have second thoughts. Her Dad was okay until he tried to beat the Jesus into him (when are people going to realize this does not work?), and Jason (who's pretty open) was shocked. She was going home anyway so who cares!

Back to the real contenders. Jillians family although sweet, were just wacky. They do love the hell out of their daughter which is so nice to see. She's not going to the end. When they kiss it's boring.

It's going to be Molly (Moll as he calls her!) and Melissa (Mel as he calls her), listen they have nick names so they're going all the way! LOL! Molly's family was just boring but she is cute as a button. The hat thing was retarded.

Mel had a much tougher time with parents that wouldn't even meet him! Her friends were adorable, they seemed to all get along great. When the friends said they didn't know the parents I got a little worried. What is with these people? Are they awful? Anti social? Criminals? Then when she said they didn't go to ANY of her DCC games (she was a DCC cheerleader), that's when I knew they are selfish dicks. I cannot imagine being so selfish and awful to not go to my daughters games if she was a DCC or at her local high school!!! You're private people? Get over it! You aren't celebrities! NO ONE CARES! GET OVER YOURSELF! Now I'm rooting for Mel even more. With crappy parents and a horrible dating past she needs a happy ending!

Next they're all going to New Zealand! Can't wait to see...Deanna come back to mess everything up!

PS yes I've seen the spoiler but I want to see the real thing!!!!


Surf Girl said...

I never really watched this show before, but you have totally hooked me on it! I like Melissa...I remember her from the DCC show. I have to watch this on DVR tonight.

Melissa said...

I really want Melissa to win! She has the most chemistry with Jason, and I felt really bad for her concerning her family! It's bad that they never went to her games, and they need to get over themselves and meet a man their daughter is interested in dating and possibly marrying!

Naomi was done, that was obvious. Her family was wacky, and I really HATE when people try to "beat the Jesus" into you! For so long, I was so anti going to Church or anything because of people like that!

I don't really have many comments on Jillian and Molly's family. I think it will be Molly and Melissa in the final 2, and I can't wait to see the overnight dates!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I would keep Naomi's number. Girls who have crazy Jesus Daddy's are great in the sack.

Hot Dog girl...don't want to hear "a-boot" for the rest of your life? It's like marrying a foreigner w/o the percs of going to see her family in a foreign land...Canada is just like USA but colder!

No-Sho parents girl? Her friends will get in the way, but she's hot, so why not.

Molly---so solly...

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to mention Deanna...did she say "there's still a chance for you" or something like that? She looks a little chubby lately...he should take her out to dinner and order a salad for her, no dressing...there's some other things I'd like him to do to her, but I don't think he has the sap for it.


ecrunner said...

Man, these families seemed much weirder than on previous seasons. I wonder if they are made to do this type of stuff. In addition to that, the dove thing was CRAZY! His face during this whole visit would have been some of the funniest pictures to see. I can only imagine if there were pictures taken.