L.A. Story #265

You might not know this about me but I am a sucker for sitcoms. Especially the ones from the 70's and eighties. Give me a night of Family Ties, The Facts Of Life, and The Cosby Show and I am one happy girl. Being that this is an obsession of mine (yes I can quote Cosby show and other episodes), I can spot an old sitcom star at twenty paces.

A few days ago while shopping at Ralphs Supermarket, I spotted someone. Someone hiding. Too bad I followed her! It was Donna Pescow from the short lives sitcom "Angie".

Now there is no reason to be scared Donna Pescow. I am just an obsessed pregnant girl who needed a little pick me up and when I remembered the Angie theme song I was so happy I almost cried! It's so cheerful and adorable and I love the hysterical opener with them all making mistakes and then giving an aw shucks smile. Yes, I am a cheesball.

Donna was also in Saturday Night Fever if you recall, so give her the love.

Here are the lyrics from Angie. Dare you not to love them.

Let the time flow
Let the love grow
Let the rain shower
Let the rose flower
Love it seeks, love it finds
Love it conquers, love it binds

We come to each other from different worlds,
Drawn to each other by the love inside of us
We give to each other our different worlds
As long as we can do it,
Life is gonna breeze right through it


We reach for each other from different worlds
With love for each other that will stand the test of time
We're up to the challenge of different worlds
With this love inside us,
There is nothing can divide us


Love it seeks and love it finds
(Love it seeks, love it finds)
Love it conquers, love it binds
Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh

Love it seeks, love it finds
Love it conquers, love it binds

Next week I'll share my all time favorite theme song from a sitcom.


Brie said...

love this! I am a big sitcom lover too and had a weird memory for all of the actors names in shows. A talent that has never really come in handy except when playing that drinking game - the name game :)

I am dying to see your favorite sitcom song. I have one in mind that is sooooo corny but boy oh boy did I ever love it! It's an obscure show so I am wondering if it's the same - I almost too embarrassed to admit what it is.

Preppy 101 said...

I love sitcoms too - different generation, though :) It started with I Love Lucy when I was a little girl and has continued through the years - Great Post!!! Still love a good sitcom today!

Feener said...


i swear her in saturday night fever stuck with me forever, such a desperate young lady, she played it well

Feener said...

ps i am reading the shack as well...not that far in, but it is riveting

Mom on the Run said...

Oh yeah, I know that Angie song. She also used to be on All My Children (I think she played the first lesbian on daytime, if I'm remembering correctly).

But of course, she will forever be in my memory from Saturday Night Fever...the first R rated movie I ever saw at the theatre....when I was 14!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Yes, I remember Angie!!! Last week, hubby was flipping through channels and we ended up watching "Too Close for Comfort!"

The Wife said...

I think we were seperated at birth! First your post on Johnny Mathis - Hello, it's not Christmas without Johnny! Then, you love Angie. My sister and I always watched this show - and I totally knew the theme song! I forgot that Doris Roberts was in it though!

So where did Donna Pescow go? Nosy readers want to know!

Linda S said...

Security! Stalker on aisle 7...!!

Kiki said...

I don't remember Angie, but my parents were kind of hippies and we didn;t have a tv for about ten years...weird, I know.

I do however remember one sitcom song that started out..."Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air...I never thought I could feel so freeeeee." That isn't your favorite, is it? I learned this song in school because we sang it for a program...but I don't know what the tv show was that it was from!!! I can't wait to hear what your song is!!!

Pink Flamingo said...

Great post...I can't wait to hear what your favorite sitcom theme song is!!

Thanks for the sweet comment you left yesterday on my blog. I know I have your e-mail, but am at a loss to where I put it...would you mind re-sending it to me.


Leslie said...

What I wouldn't give to live in LA and see stars everyday!! On the many times I have visited your great city, I have seen tons of celebs by chance and by stalking out their favorite hot spots! It always makes me feel somehow cooler just to say I have seen them in person! :) I don't remember this particular sitcom but I am with you on loving sitcoms!! There used to be some great ones!!

debra said...

I loved 'Angie' too. I am also a huge sitcom fan. Just love them. And to see Doris Roberts in 'Angie' is just too funny (she was the mom on 'Everyone loves Raymond' for those who don't know)
Great post!

lizziefitz said...

Oh my goodness! I just heard that the shack was amazing. I LOVED Angie...such a seventies girl. I will be at Target tomorrow morning and promise to check on skull flask:)

Trooper Thorn said...

Didn't she live across the hall from "Kate & Ally"?

Mom x 2 said...

I totally remember Angie! And I remembered that Doris Roberts was in it - was she Angie's mom? What a hoot!

Eloise said...

We were on a Danube cruise in Hungary (with a group from my husband's company), and the band in the lounge one night played a medley of sitcom theme songs. Can I even tell you how MUCH fun I had singing along to The Jeffersons, WKRP in Cincinnati, The Facts of Life, Love Boat, etc.? It's probably not good that all of those lyrics still reside in my brain and are taking up valuable space that could likely be used for more practical purposes like remembering why I walked into a room, BUT they made for a great evening of fun and laughter that night. I bet you would have loved it too!

Eloise said...

Oh, and I do remember the show Angie. It was pretty good, too, as I recall (and my standards for sitcoms were very high - LOL).