Favorite Sitcom Song Revealed!

Okay, after I stalked Donna Pescow last weekend, I realized although the theme from ANGIE is in my top five favorite sitcom songs...really there's one I love the best!


"The show followed the lives of the waitresses who worked in a posh restaurant located at the top of the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. At the helm was their supervisor Nancy Beebe (Marian Mercer), who sometimes fraternized with the girls but usually gave orders. More often than not, the scheme of the week involved Nancy in some way, which upset her because all she wanted was an orderly staff. Adding to the chaotic working environment was a wisecracking pianist named Sonny Mann (Paul Kreppel). One of the many waitresses on the show was Cassie Cranston, played by actress Ann Jillian. Due to her stint on this show, she became very popular for a time."

Here are the lyrics:

Life's not
the French Riviera
Believe me
Life's not
A charity ball
It isn't
all a great big bed of roses
It's not like showbiz
But the main thing I suppose is.....

(Were- not- fakin' -it; backup) We're not the people on Broadway
Believe me
(It's real, but better than joining -the- navy; backup) But we know we're having a life
Although we may not be blessed and wealthy
But then a-gain were young and healthy
And any-one who's young and healthy knows
that that's the way
the traffic flows
It's a living

AHHH words to live by. Maybe I should be stalking Anne Jillian!


Tiaras and Tantrums said...


The Chic Chauffeur said...

ok, here is a challenge for you: sitcom starring hmm? Danny Thomas maybe, where he had an adult daughter? Lyrics went something like, If I were young, I'd play games like a child would, like a child would, I'm not like her, I wish I were, I'm a big girl now..."

That one has been stuck in my head since your attack on Angie! (er, not attack. Since you made her acquaintance!) What was that show???

Feener said...

you are killing me... i love this MORE MORE MORE. i recall a soap opera primetime show that i loved and it never went anywhere...i think it was called kings crossing. wasn't there a show about models with leah remni (whatever her name is from the cbs show)

Mom x 2 said...

I remember that show! I remember watching reruns of it on Saturday afternoons along with Small Wonder! Ha!

Leslie said...

It's nice to see that the waitresses got to wear nice colorful ensembles! Better than the typical black or white on white (as in the cheesecake factory) that we see today!! i totally watched that show, by the way!!!

Far From Perfect said...

I can't believe I don't know this!!!

Brie said...

Dang - not the same one! Mine are (there's 2)

1. Love Syndey - a completely ridiculous short lived sitcom starring Tony Randal and I thought the theme song was beautiful. Even though I will give myself a break as I was young at the time, I'm still a loser for liking that one!

2. Golden Girls - Thank you for being a Friend was already a song but I still love it to this day. That one I can't apologize for!