Wacky Wednesday- Six Quirky Things About Me!

I was tagged by the wonderful Always Organizing to tell you six quirky things about me. Here goes:

1) I dye my eyebrows because I feel like without them I don't have a face. My eyebrows are so light they disappear! I think having them dyed makes me look way better.

2) I love gift wrapping. I seriously love to get something and then wrap it in an adorable way. A little bit of joy in my world.

3) I have price amnesia. I swear I cannot remember the price of anything. I can't comparison shop unless I write it down! This goes for everything from cars to diapers!

4) 77 degrees is my temperature. Every time I think the weather is perfect I look at the thermometer and it's 77 degrees!

5) I'm getting claustrophobic as I get older! I swear I can only sit on the aisle on a plane and I cannot be in the backseat of a car unless I have my own window that rolls down and my own door. Otherwise I panic!

6) I could live in a hotel. I love everything about it! Someone cleaning up after me, fresh sheets and towels, fabulous!

I am tagging: What would Kate Gosselin Do?, A Study of schoolbooks and shoes, and Magnolia Mama as well as whomever else wants to play!


Belle in Bloom said...

We COULD be sisters! The older I get the more claustrophobic I get. I can so relate to the car issue. Planes? Forget about it. I have to be sedated or highly medicated (wine) to get on. I also have to write prices down. My Mother has it down to a science, but I can't remember what I paid for anything! And 77... yes, that's perfect. :)

Melissa said...

I love hotels and could easily live in one too!

Airplanes freak me out! It's weird, because I hate small spaces, but I must have a window seat on a plane so I can rest me head on the wall. I also need a klonopin in order to fly, no joke. I'm the same way with the car. I hate sitting in the middle seat!

77 degrees is fabulous!

Buford Betty said...

I LOVE to giftwrap too! And I think 77 sounds about perfect too...

Cindy said...

So maybe I'm not the only one who when she heard Candy Spelling had a gift wrap room in her ginormous house thought "Wow! Good for her!!"?

I think price amnesia is useful: It allows you to enjoy a purchase without fretting about how much you paid for it. :)

Libby said...

I suffer from price amnesia too, though my husband insists that it's an intentional infliction. ;)

magnolia mama said...

I might possibly be the worst "tagged" friend ever. I will get around to this one day.