Miss Coco Goes To The Paul Frank Party At The Beverly Hills Hotel!

That Coco, she really has a fabulous life.

Case and point. She was invited to the Paul Frank Party To Celebrate his clothing launch at Babies 'R' us!

We celebrated their ADORABLE new children’s collection at Babies ‘R’ Us that will hit stores this June. The event was decorated all with their new adorable Small Paul collection. Coco put on her Lilly Pulitzer shift and was ready to go!

When she first arrived she spotted a makeup chair and hopped right in there. She loved her "Butterfly eyes".

She spied "Julius" the Paul Frank monkey and we had to get a pic!

The setting in the courtyard of the Beverly Hills Hotel was gorgeous. Look at the umbrellas in the trees!

After some cookie decorating, dancing with Julius and delicious food Coco got her personalized Paul Frank backpack full of swag. It was time to go!

Coco and I spied Jillian Barberie, Elisabeth Rohm, Candice Cameron Bure (who was so gorgeous and sweet I adored her!!!) and Busy Phillips.

A great day!


suburban prep said...

Your daughter is just a beautiful little girl.
Looks like it was the perfect day for such an event.

KatiePerk said...

What fun! Coco is precious! IT looks like it was a great time!

Andy said...

Lucky girl. She looks like you. I remember when our girls were born! I remember when they weren't! Where does time go?

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

That gorgeous little lady was too grown up to be baby Coco!! No way! Liz- I really cannot believe how time flies! She is just as pretty as her mama!! What fun!

Solar Powered said...

That Coco is one beautiful girl!

LPC said...

Look at how grown up she is! Amazing! I remember when she was a baby. She looks lovely.

lori carolina said...

Your baby girl is a mini-YOU! lol She looks just like a miniature you in that second picture!!!!:)
What a special day! Fabulous, yes!