Real Houswives of NY- Money Can't Buy You Class- Or Earplugs

Everyone was relieved when Kelly left, everyone was feeling the LOVE. They were getting massages, mani/pedi's relaxing when all of the sudden...


No one wanted Jill or Bobby there. No one could even muster up a polite smile. Jill had no business going. She was invited and said NO. The end! WTF!

Ramona shuts her down! Jill did not know what to do or say. It's then that I realize that Jill's voice is like sand paper on your eyeball. Alex starts bawling. The sight of Jill just wiped her out. Jill gets upset about the rejection but she comes on too strong and does NOT get it!

Ramona really tries to be the peace keeper. She tries to talk to Jill who tries to play the "I spent so much money on a private plane", "I thought we were friends", yada, yada, yada. How Jill thought anyone would want her there is insane. She left saying she wanted to talk to Bethenny? She hated being ambushed and now she does the same thing? PSYCHO.

Then as they try to have a peaceful dinner Ramona chokes and pukes. I swear to god this is the most cursed trip ever. This makes the Titanic voyage look like a pleasure cruise.

Next came a bridal shower for Bethenny and Ramona. Out come the pearl handcuffs. Ramona gets so flustered. Even though the crystal S&M products were fabulous she was embarrassed!

Back in New York, the Kelly, LuAnn and Jill go to lunch. Kelly says everyone was one upping and gossiping. Is she talking about herself? She even said she was trying to talk to Bethenny, but she was attacked. Such a joke. LuAnn, the judge and jury as always, criticizes her for the use of hoe-bag, the cook comment etc. Thank God LuAnn gets that Kelly is white trash. Kelly even brings up her crazy jellybean fetish. They are all confused and know she's insane. Now everyone knows she is cuckoo!! FINALLY!

Sonja, who is a walking Samantha from Sex and The City, has an cocktail party. Bethenny us there, and LuAnn tries to grill her about the trip. It seems like LuAnn might actually believe Bethenny. Either way Bethenny feels so much better that everyone sees Kelly's crazy side!

Later at Jill's "focacta" skating party (boy I am workin' the Yiddish!), Jill dons a 12 year olds skating dress and falls on her ass. I mean this is KARMA. She decides she's going to call Bethenny and go to lunch. Boy is she sorry that she has taken this fight to the level she has. Shows you that you cannot take friendship lightly. Bethenny agrees to lunch. I cannot wait to see how this goes.

Ramona, ever becoming the wisest and most calm presence in the group, calms KKB down, yet again, when she tries to accuse her of betrayal. Kelly really believes that everyone else is crazy and she is the victim. She even tells Jill why her surprise visit was not well received. Ramona says if she had acknowledged all the bad blood and not tried to steamroll everyone, things may have been different. SHE IS RIGHT!  I am looking forward to seeing how Bethenny and Jill do at their lunch but I have no high hopes. On the other hand anything is better than LuAnn's singing!


Annabel Manners said...

LOL, you know it's bad when Ramona emerges as the sanest housewife in the room!!!

bevy said...

Of course I have not seen the last three or four episodes - have been DVRing the entire season. Maybe I'll spend a day locked in the house and watch them all!

Bridget said...

Ramona really is the voice of reason this season. Must be the Pinot :)

Stephanie said...

Oh that show is like a car wreck..when I stumble across it I just can't look away!

Best of luck wining the Fathers Day Basket over at my blog. Thought I would give you a hint that you can come back every day, vote for me at Top Mommy Blogs then tell me you did for extra entrys!!
Good Luck

Michelle said...

Honestly, I am just not liking this Kelly chick at all! Either way...they are all better than the Atlanta counterpart!

Christy aka The Write Gal said...

I am so glad you have this on your blog. I have only watched a few times and I need to get caught up to speed on who's who. Today I watched RHONJ for the first time. I love these shows and am wondering why I haven't watched before now.

Stereos and Souffles said...

LuAnn singing is the worst idea they've had since bringing Krazy Kelly on the show.

Mama K said...

i loved when bethanny said "she's like a f'in horn." (or something like that!)

do you read ?