To Forty- And Beyond!

Forgive my Toy Story reference, but you know I have two young ones in the house!! What a week, month, and year it has been. I am officially forty. The Mr and I enjoyed a dinner out, just the two of us at one of our favorite restaurants (Godmothers too) Ortolan. They are running a little price fix special just in time for my birthday! Had to head over!!!

Ortolan is decadent!!! Here was our menu!

First Course Choice of:

 Tomato Coulis
Yogurt Sorbet / Confit Tomato Tartare
Marinated Salmon
Lemongrass Sorbet / Ginger / Ponzu
Seared Scallop
English Pea Coulis / Lentil Gnocchi / Parmesan Emulsion 

Second Course Choice of:

Braised Short Ribs
 Risotto with Spring Vegetables
Lobster Spaghetti
Beef Jus / White Asparagus Cream
Potato Ravioli
Morel Mushroom / Fava Beans / Scallion

Third Course Choice of:

Vanilla Honey Panna Cotta
“Strawberry Caviar”
Chocolate Ganache
 Brownies / Chocolate Sorbet
 Lemon Tart
Tangerine Sorbet / Citrus Supreme

The first thing though was an amuse bouche sent by the chef. It was soup, served in test tubes with straws!!! One was carrot soup with a ginger foam, and the other an asparagus soup with I cannot remember what but it was good!! We also had eggplant caviar!

A fabulous evening!!!!


Muffy said...

WONDERFUL! I am so happy for you, really!!! You make forty look GOOD. I'd be PROUD to say I am forty if I were you-- you've really achieved happiness!

Gorgeous kids, wonderful husband, great career...and you're in the most wonderful city in the world! (but I'm a little biased on that one)

All the best to you, darling. HAPPY 40th!!!!!!


suburban prep said...

Hope that the year ahead is a fantastic one full of happiness and love with your family and friends.

EntertainingMom said...

40 rocks!!! Happy Birthday!

Brie said...

I'll have the scallop to start, lobster spaghetti, and the lemon tart. You have to tell us what you got!! Looks delish - Happy Birthday my friend!! xo

The Hayden Family said...

oh my goodness! what a GORGEOUS restaurant! the food looks like art!!!!!

Nicole said...

Oh the menu looks scrumptious!!! But I have to say that I'm in love with the all white decor. Now that I have two boys under two I've transformed our living room from preppy pinks to waaay too much beige and brown. I'm sooo jealous, as I love love love white!

PS Happy Belated Birthday!

Ouiser B.

debra said...

Yum! Sounds great. Happy Birthday!!

lizziefitz said...

Yesterday was my Birthday! Officially one year until the big FORTY. I don't think it could even come close to your month long celebration. You look amazing!!!! I am starting a real diet on Monday.

Kiki said...

Wow!!! That looks like glad that you had a wonderful time with your wonderful man!!!

Trish said...

YIPPEE!! Happy 40th Birthday! I am so happy I came across your blog tonight via TP&G - I don't know where I have been but am glad I'm here now! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!! XXOXO

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Happy belated REALLY got the royal treatment. I'll be 50 in October 2011 and am expecting the same from my friends and family. YIKES...did I just type 50?????? Now I'm depressed.

Southern Cupcake said...

I hope your birthday month is fabulous! I have moved from celebrating my birthday to celebrating my birthday week and in the future I will celebrate my birthday month! I tell my husband that when I turn 40 in a few years, I get the privilege of celebrating the whole month! Enjoy!