Valentines Week! Decadance Dinner!

My good bloggy friend Eloise always does a lovely Valentines Day Lunch for her girlfriends. Well this year I decided, since Valentines Day fell on the weekend, we'd do a Decadence Dinner!

What is a Decadence Dinner? It's where hubby cooks and we spoil a few other couples with fabulous food and wine.

Here's the invitation I came up with:

"Decadence can be defined,
As luxury and self-indulgence intertwined.
And so it is, with much ado
That we look forward to dining with you.
Prepare to be spoiled
With Food & wine
We promise you'll have one helluva time!"

So the idea is to spoil and enjoy a meal with fabulous friends. Here are so menu ideas we are toying with:

Bacon wrapped scallops
Baked artichokes with gorgonzola
Beef tenderloin with blue cheese
Chocolate fondue for dessert!

I would love more decadent menu ideas...I will post the final menu and table when we have our dinner.
What's your Valentine plan?


Uncommon Blonde said...

Sounds like a fabulous menu! We are going to cook a yummy dinner and stay home, every year we fight the crowds and swear we won't go out again the next year. This year we finally remember how crowded the restaurants are and we aren't going!

Mom on the Run said...

I'll be right over!

Not sure what we're doing...the kids don't have school Monday and Tuesday and most people take off for the weekend, so we'll see......

KatieSPerk said...

Love the wording on the invite!! I was trying to think of other "aphrodisiacs" but could only come up with honey & oysters (not together!!) Sounds like such a fun evening!!

Hillcrest Acres said...

How fabulous. I love the saying for the invitation.

Lin said...

Wow, sounds like you'll be having a fabulous night! The hubs & I will most likely stay in & rent some movies or go out to see one...we're bummy like that :)

Erin said...

Sounds delicious!!!! What a great idea for Valentine's day. I may have to try that next year! Hope you guys have a fabulous time!

cancersucks said...

Heavenly menu! Our dinner club is playing THE NEWLYWED GAME on Friday night. Sunday my friend who is a private chef has a special deal for Valentines. So we will be just heating up what she makes for us. Eating in the dining room with the kiddos down the basement playing wii...we hope!

Sherrie said...

That sounds fabulous. I am trying to decide what we will do. I really want to do a dessert table a la Amy Atlas. We'll see.

Beachy Chic said...

Lobster Mac-n-cheese is always a decadant treat!!

bevysblog said...

Anything with bacon and/or cheese is decadent in my book! Just slap it on my thighs baby!

PaperCourt said...

What time should we arrive? I"ll book my flight now :-)

Eloise said...

Wow! Your menu sounds divine.

Thank you for the shout out. I'm about to hunker down into full party preparation mode. I'm getting excited!

Can't wait to hear more about your party. Take lots of pictures!


Maureen said...

What can we bring? :) Enjoy it! Sounds like your friends will be spoiled. What a delicious idea.

The 5 Bickies said...

I've always loved Eloise's lunch idea. I thought about doing one this year and then decided that this year might not be the year to pull off a big luncheon as I am the room mom in charge of both parties. At the rate we are going with snow, that might not be happening either!

I think your dinner sounds delish and I am sure you friends will love being with you! Have a grand evening!