Real Housewives Of The OC- Heaven Help Us.

Let us bow our heads and pray, this episode was a doozy.

Oh my, the lunch these ladies attended together was fabulous for many reasons.

a) Gretchen thinks she's at the Kentucky Derby and has discovered hats.
b) Alexis confronted Vicky and her rudeness
c) Alexis once again shows she has no understanding of class AT ALL.

Now it is RUDE to talk on the phone while your guests mill around and try to talk over you and your loud personal conversations, but there are many levels of rude. Vicky is an idiot for talking business so loudly at the lunch they had, and it was rude BUT It is VERY rude to talk to your ugly husband a hundred times during a private dinner at a five star restaurant. She did not need to talk to him at all and their conversations were BS. At the very least excuse yourself from the table. COME ON.

Even ruder to bring the table to a grinding halt to confront someone. Can't you pull Vicky aside?

So Vicky was finally told about how rude she really is.
Tamara thinks she doesn't know? Um, saying "I work" all the time is rude and she knows it. I think it's funny that she can't be called on her rudeness when she feels free to talk terribly behind their backs. It's called KARMA honey. I loved when Vicky's daughter said "this is why I don't hang out with girls". Look what your mother taught you. You don't have any friends! Vicky is a crybaby who cannot take the heat. Learn from your mistakes! Stop being a permanent victim! PS BEING A MOTHER IS WORK.

Alexis and her hour long rambling prayer for Breanna can take a hike. (of course I hope she doesn't have cancer but that prayer was too little, too late, and too weird) Hate "Christians" who are mean and nasty. HYPOCRITE. She knew she was out of line after the fact, even told her preacher, but still you can still see she feels superior.

Tamara wins for best line: How many flavors of dysfunction can you taste in this lunch".

Moving on.

Gretchens parents don't like Slade (who does?), love the jokes about offing him! Go Daddy! Loved when Slade was like can't see myself with anyone else. Hello? The four other housewives you dated? HA!

Gretchen put a pin in his balloon when she basically said she wasn't ready for marriage. Kinda makes it hard for Slade to ask for your hand!

The person who really needs prayers is Lynne. She was a willing participant in living beyond their means for years and now she's a victim? NO. How the hell did these ungrateful women suddenly decide to kick their Dad to the curb? Hello? He has provided for you all your life and been a good father and husband! Her kids are just like their mother, all about the money! Her other daughter didn't even show up! That being said Frank is an idiot. "You're my princess! Let's take a vacation!' WHAT?

Alexa did reveal they had moved a ton, which can really be stressful and screw kids up. Alexa however, is still the biggest brat on earth and I think that would be the case no matter if they moved or not due to permissive parenting!

Eviction, divorce, money trouble, cancer! What else can happen?!


Heather@PixieDust said...

I'm with you on every count. they are all train wrecks and so fun to watch!! I especially can't stand Alexis' hypocrisy and anyone else like her. Gretchen is the only one who seems somewhat sane and I love her big hats!!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Amen to all. And Alexis' husband is a major jack@$$. I had to add that. Do not like him one bit. That prayer was ridiculous. She is fake through and through. Vicky needs to just leave the show. Tamra's line was great. I posted on Lynn yesterday. Slade is weird to me. Latching on from one OC woman to the next. They are so fun to watch though. Entertaining for sure.

Poolside with the Girls said...

This show is my guilty pleasure. I love it. I can't believe Gretchen turns out to look like the sane one this season.

It's been a good season so far!

The 5 Bickies said...

I just watched the episode and with every twist and turn I kept wondering what you were going to have to say about it. You said all that I think - it was CRAZY!

I was speaking heatedly at my TV during this there a 12 step program for me?

Do you think Raquel can return her $1000 leather jacket? Don't they have money from doing the show? I was done in when he suggested a family vacation...I could go on...but I won't.

Great recap!

Hillcrest Acres said...

It's one train wreck after another. I hate to admit it though that I'm totally addicted to this show. Don't know why because they all need therapy!!!!

Lynne's behavior is mind boggling. She's blaming it all on her husband. I couldn't believe on last week's show when she bought that leather jacket for $1000 after she knew they were getting evicted and had big money problems. What was she thinking?!!

Till next week when I'm glued to the TV on Thursday night.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

You pretty much summed it up! It is a total train wreck that I really enjoy watching. I did feel bad for Frank...but taking a vaca is he serious? My BF thinks that I will become stupid if I continue watching it!

Lin said...

Wow, you sure summed up this train wreck pretty well lol. I love this show but I cant stand the woman. I was seriously disturbed by all of them in this episode but Lynn & her daughter really pissed me off.

That lil girl is such a drama queen & has to find a way to always be the victim. And you're totally right, Lynns husband is a total moron for kissing their butt. Mistakes are made, money is not everything...move on. Great post!

Kiki said...

I think you all hit the nail on the head.....but I will say this.....I have moved over 27 times and not always to better situations, my family struggled with money most of my life.....but there was never any excuse for bad behavior. It simply was the way it was and my parents expected us to still be polite, well mannered and good students.....nothing else was allowed.

I think they all need a reality check!!!!!

Dawn said...

Well I was gonna blog about this episode but why bother-you hit the nail right on the head!I can't stand Alexis.It drives me nuts how she complains about how hard her "job" of being a mother is when she has 2 nannies. And that husband of hers-what a pompus ass! I'm sure Alexis isn't the smartest tool in the shed but explainng to her what "surf & turf" is-please!I really hope this is a one season role for them

bevysblog said...

OK... I have never watched the show. At least the OC version! Sign me up for the next NJ installment!

The only thing I can say about these OC ladies is, based on this photograph, they have excellent posture. That's a plus.

Jillian, Inc said...

I have always wondered when they were going to add a PRAYING HOUSEWIFE and now they have. She needs to pray for more than salvation for Vicky - just sayin'. And it was hoot and a holler how they edited "the preachers" visit. "Beauty (aka low cut shirts) can be used for good." ha! Let me some more of your goods, honey. And I can't stop watching!