Valentines Week- Best Movies To Rent

I know some of you are going to brave the crowds and see Valentines Day (let me know how it is!), but I will be happy recovering at home after our sumptuous Decadence Dinner!

V-Day can be fabulous for some and depressing for others. So, taking that into consideration I am giving you the best Valentines Day movies to rent.

For The True Romantics:

Prelude to a Kiss
The Notebook
You've Got Mail
When Harry Met Sally
Down With Love
How To Loose A Guy In Ten Days
The Wedding Planner
Maid in Manhattan
Dirty Dancing
Notting Hill
50 First Dates

For The Romantics Who Feel Old and Need Inspiration

Don Juan DeMarco
Nights In Rodanthe
What Women Want
Sense and Sensibility

For The Dysfunctional Romantics

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Much Ado About Nothing
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Grosse Point Blank
Gone With The Wind
Pretty Woman
Legends Of The Fall
Moulin Rouge
Step Mom
Brigette Jones Diary
When a Man Loves A woman

Young Romantics

Before Sunrise
10 Things I Hate About You
A Walk To Remember
Romeo and Juliette
Little Women
Say Anything
Can't Buy me Love

For The Anti Romantics

War of The Roses
Kramer VS Kramer
Cruel Intentions
Fatal Attraction
To die for
Far From Heaven
Dangerous Liaisons

What about you? Anything I have forgotten? What kind of romantic are you?


Mom on the Run said...

I must be a true romantic, because a lot of the movies in that catagory are part of my "ironing board theatre" collection. I also like French Kiss...Kevin Kline is my favorite!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

You forgot my favorite "LOVE" movie of all time. 'Love Actually'

Great list! I think we are going to see Valentines Day this weekend. I'll let you know if you can add it to the list!

Suburban Princess said...

My husband thinks True Romance is the best love movie ever!

I stick with Maid in Manhattan, Love Actually, Bridget Jones etc :O)

Heather@PixieDust said...

i lurve cruel intentions and dangerous liasons, they are both based on the same book and it is such a decadent story.

Lin said...

Great lists! I'm a true romantic so I'll most likely be watching Sabrina & Breakfast at Tiffany's on or around Valentines Day!

I laughed at your Anti Romantics list...all perfect movies :)

debra said...

Great choices - but I didn't see 'Sleepless in Seattle' or 'Sweet Home Alabama' on there - two of my favorites. I'm a true romantic for sure. We just watched '50 first dates' last weekend.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

Mallory and Kenny said...

For the dysfunctional category:
The Story of Us.

Have yall ever seen this. Michelle Pfiefer and Bruce Willis. I sob everytime.

Will and Lindsay said...

Gotta add Breakfast at Tiffany's..I'd call it a little dysfunctional.

EntertainingMom said...

i agree with Debra... where's Sleepless in Seattle??

I had totally forgotten about Before Sunrise... what a beautiful movie that was!

Not in Greenwich but about 25 minutes away just off the Merritt!

nanny said...

I have seen some from each category but all in the true romantic.......guess I know where I fall...
Take that back I haven't seen Down With Love....but I will! ha

Claire said...

Kinda of obscure movie -
Return to Me and I love The Lake House and Pure Country with George Strait!!!!

Hope Landon is doing well!!!

Leslie said...

One not to make it on the list is the movie I just saw...Dear John! I cried and I am angry. Not the feelings I want when I leave the theater!!

Christy aka The Write Gal said...

This is an awesome list! I can't wait to see Dear John. Nights in Rodanthe is one of my all time favorites. And it was filmed on the NC coast. Richard Gere drives over the bridge that takes you to Topsail Island--we go there every year for vacation. :)

bevysblog said...

Love Actually is the best! And thinking of Colin Firth (YUM), how about BBC's Pride and Prejudice. Ah... Mr. Darcy!