When Landon Met William

We keep it pretty happy and fabulous over here...determined to. With Landon's latest surgery looming (he has to have one every year), I've started to feel anxious. Scared. Worried. Hate that.

I thought, since he's now 5 and will understand what is happening, that I would explain to him gently what will be taking place soon. We read the book about what happened to his arm, how he's a miracle, how God saved his arm....and then I mentioned surgery. Landon started to sweat. I promised Disneyland and everything else I could think of but too late. He threw up.

The fact that he got physically ill thinking of surgery devastated me. Maybe I hadn't been keeping things fabulous. Maybe he was really freaked out. I felt like the worst Mother ever. I was in hysterics.

The next morning he woke up and was his normal happy self. We haven't talked about it since.

I called the pediatrician to get some advice. He's consulting a child psychologist and is getting back to me. I decided to lay low about the whole surgery thing.

At our OT appointment a few days later, we waited to see the doctor about making a new splint for Landon's arm. All of the sudden, a cute 7 year old angel sauntered in. We have been going to our OT since birth and have NEVER seen a kid in his office. Landon of course loved him and stared at the cool "big boy". I struck up a conversation with his Mom. She explained he had surgery on his finger and he has too many veins. He will have lots of surgery. Landon showed his arm, which trumped the finger of course. The kid, William was fascinated. He thought it was cool.

During that meeting with William a sense of calm came over me. We are not alone. Lots of kids have surgery and have ongoing issues. God is watching out for us.

I gave his Mom my card. Maybe we'll get these two angels together. Imagine all the good they could do.

*** For the Full Story on what happened with Landon's arm, click HERE 


Lin said...

I can't imagine how difficult it must be seeing your son go through all of these surgeries. You're one tough cookie!

I'm glad that Landon found someone who can relate to him. We all need someone like that :)

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

You are strong woman indeed and a wonderul mother! I can't imagine what it is like dealing with that and this reminds me to keep my chin up with my own toddler. Thank you for sharing this story.

Legallyblondemel said...

What a strong boy you have, and what a strong mama he has. I'm sending both of you good thoughts.

Brie said...

What a sweet story - I think the support you can give and receive to/from others who have been through or about to go through something similar is worth its weight in gold.
Landon's a star and so is his mom! xo

LPC said...

You know, somehow after these years following you I hadn't read the full story. Go you. You brought Landon into this world and you knew him before he was born. What a lucky kid. You will still do right by him. Any kid might puke thinking about surgery:). What matters is that you're there to clean it up.

Kiki said...

All my love to you sweet friend....you know we are all here for you, with strong shoulders to help carry the burden.

Love to you my darling friend and to dear, sweet Landon who is so precious; you know God has him in the palm of His hand.

XO, Kiks

Claire said...

Went over and read the Full Story and it all just encourages my heart. I will be praying for Landon and all of you.

Mrs. R said...

Thank you again for providing the link to your story!! I am so glad Landon met William. I have a feeling they will be friends for a long time.

Hang in there! Landon is strong, he doesn't give up easily. With you by his side, both of you guys will make it through this!!