Where Did Polly Anna Go? Or, I used to have a favorite lipstick

Life is stressful. I'll just start there. I know you all go through it, job loss, kid behavior issues, aging, carpool, homework, meal planning, work, it's just hard sometimes. With starting a business and having a family I have been pretty stretched thin. I am less fun. I complain more. There I said it.

The Mr asked the other day: Where did Polly Anna go?

I used to say I was like Polly Anna. Looking at life simply and expecting the best. Never wanting any bad news. I just wanted things to be rosey. This past year I must say has BEATEN the Polly Anna out of me. I am tired. I feel a little like my friend Sibi at Pearls and Grace.

Reading Social Climbers blog last night she asked what our favorite lipstick was. Truthfully, I have no clue. I put on whatever gloss is in my drawer. That's not so fabulous is it? I remember in High School I had a favorite lipstick. Silver City Pink. It made me feel like a princess and I adored it.

I am too filled with worries to have a favorite lipstick. That's just it. I would like to turn my "worry in to wonder" as my preacher says but it's tough. I hate change and it seems like change is happening every second. Polly Anna just wants smooth sailing for a while. No big surprises. No disappointments. No dramas. Is that too much to ask?

I can tell I need more fun in my life. More laughs! I think I do too many things I have to do, and not enough stuff I WANT to do. My friend Gina said the more she was delving into her new job, the more lonely she felt. I think it's hard to have time for everything, but clearly I need to put a little attention on me. I think I need a favorite lipstick.

Do you have a favorite lipstick? Are you a Polly Anna? How do you stay sane with all the craziness life brings?


Suburban prep said...

A few months ago I was talking to my roommate from college, we both agreed at that time that perhaps things were much easier when we were in college. We only had to worry about what we were doing for the weekend and if our football team was going to win at the next game. (Where I went for college it was and still is a big thing --football).

What does help me is my knitting, talking to friends, being able to spend time with my husband and family, reading and exercising.

I have a young niece (3 months old) who was born with a heart issue (hypoplastic left heart syndrome). She has spent more time in the hospital in her young life than out of it. My sister has been with her these last two weeks at a hospital and hour away from home. So my mother and father and my brother and I are all tag teaming tending to my sisters three young sons (6,5 and 2). As life must go on and be normal for them with school and sports. My brother in law has been going back and forth to work and then when he can to the hospital.

So the craziness of life happens and I guess you just make the best of what is facing you at that time. (The alternative is not something I want to think about).

"Cookie" said...

I've been experiencing something like this for a while..... then it hit me. It's a frame of mind! I just starting waking up each day and telling myself it was going to be a good day!.... that simple. Life still is stressful. I still have 2 little boys to take care of... work a full time job... my hubs has a crazy job so he's in & out at all hours.... I still have to clean & cook.....

Nothing has changed. I try to take 30-45 mins to do something for myself each day. Normally it's exercise b/c one it keeps me healthy and took it helps with my mental state. But really.... if you learn to just go with it and not try to be the BEST at everything, things are so much easier. :) Just my word of advice

Sibi said...

Good Morning Sweet Friend!!

Thank you for the link!

I am normally happy, bright and sunny!

But your words describe it perfectly...
"Life has beaten the Polly Anna out of me!"

It happens to the best of us!

I try to remember to offer up a....
Deeper faith. Deeper trust and the strength to push through the incredibly difficult "that will never happen to me" heartbreaks that have no address!

It's just life!

Thinking of you today and praying for supernatural blessings to fall upon you and your house!!!


Solar Powered said...

I try to keep the little things in life going strong: lunch with my husband, a trip to the park with my daughter, shopping with my mom, dinner with the girls, a jog with my running buddy. I try to do at least something like that once or twice a week. But I don't have a favorite lipstick! Must add that to my list :) I love my list of the little things that make me happy, you should try it!

Bella Michelle said...

Silver City Pink does sound magical! LOL I think the older we get the harder we have to work to grab hold of Polly and keep her close. Life is hard, and tiring and sometimes boring so it is something we have to choose to do!

GREAT post!

Debra said...

Hi- I think we all feel the way you do right now. I know I do.

There is so much uncertainty out there right now and I am a worrier so I worry - alot. Too much. About things beyond my control. That's what kicks the Polly Anna out of me.

I also think - & I know this is unpopular - that all we hear about is 'girls night out', moms day out,lunch w/ friends, mani/pedi Saturdays, movie afternoons, girls trips to Aruba, etc. If we aren't able to do one or all of those things we feel like we're not getting the most out of life. We are made to feel like we must go on one 'girls trip' a year or we're not getting what we deserve. Those things are expensive and time consuming. $ and time is in short supply for so many of us these days. I know the thought of taking an hour out of my day to get a pedicure is crazy!

I personally am trying to let go of those dreamy activities for right now - not that a movie now and then isn't possible but at this season in my life it's just not going to happen much. And I am starting to be okay with that. I just started realizing that something had to give - it's been a long process - I am still in the midst of it - but I am starting to feel the pressure lifting because I just realized that my priorities are my family and making sure we're okay - which means working more right now.

Hope that makes sense. Didn't mean to ramble - maybe I need to do my own blog post on this instead of highjacking yours!! Thanks for making room for my thoughts.

Hang in there!! :)

Jessica Ryan said...

I am no longer a Pollyanna... but a realist. I do see my (wine) glass as half full and refuse to let the grey clouds take over. I get down, I cry, but then I get up and brush myself off. My lipsticks are all used up. I need new ones desperately. Meanwhile I'm relying on an old Juicy Tubes to keep my lips smiling!

This is my new favorite song. To say I obsess about it is putting it mildly.

Today is your day my friend! xoxo


Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Vodka helps me deal with the craziness! Ha, just kidding! Though, that is really something I need to work on... dealing with the craziness, not drinking too much vodka! ;)
Most any MAC lipstick becomes a favorite for me! I love that they aren't overly expensive, like my beloved Chanel lipsticks, and that they taste good and have good staying power!

Beth Dunn said...

Hello to my dear sister on the other coast. You know I hear ya! I wish my real life was like my blog: lipstick, facials, travel and parties. Sadly even without a health scare or job loss to jolt me into reality I agree with Suburban Prep-college was the easiest/best time. uncertainity of what my life would be like in the future aside I had time to do my hair every day. Now things have to fall to way side which adds anxiety and the stress of living with 3 demanding boys gives me a drinking habit and they've only been home for 3 minutes. Life can be hard but I'm trying not to take everything so seriously. Even if I treat myself daily, I still feel stressed from my To Do, the economy, the war, my crazy relatives, friends going through divorce. My fav thing: wine, a funny movie or a great talk with friends. Also blogging about my shallow interests makes me feel better and directs my energy into what I love---writing (and my health and family too).

Andy said...

I'm with you.

I have a MAC recycling stash in my car for a rainy day. Can't beat a freebie. Lipstick never makes me feel fat. Even on my most bloaty days.

just ask beth said...

I am with Steph!! I am a PollyAnna Type too and when I deviate my family freaks out.. Maybe CHANEL should make a VODKA tasting Lipstick and we all would be good!! My fave cheapo lipstick no#440 Cherries in the Snow Revlon!!

Bridget said...

I hear ya loud and clear!! I just finished a book called The Happiness Project - pick it up, lots of good tips. This class of 88 girl also loved silver city pink and Sea Lily by Loreal - they must have looked horrendous on me with my coloring but I went for it and loved it anyway :)