Surfs UP Baby Shower! Help Me Plan It!

I am throwing a Baby Shower for my sweet Junior League friend Keri! She is pregnant with her first baby, a boy!  How cute are these invitations.

His room is the same theme. That is one of my big tips to shower throwers! Use the babies room as your theme so the "Mommy to Be" can keep some of the decorations in the baby's room!

We are DEFINITELY  getting the cake from Susie Cakes. Oh my word they are the queens of BUTTERCREAM!

We're having the shower pool side at my house, hopefully this 100 degree heat will not continue! We'll have one big table for food and then rounds for people to sit at. There will be games. Okay all you party planners what games, advice and other ideas do you have for me? You guys are so creative!! What do you like/hate at a shower?

PS I am NOT doing that game with the melted candy bars in the diaper. GROSS!!!


Kayris said...

My mom and I threw a shower for my SIL in June. Someone suggested the diaper-candy game to me and I said NO! SO GROSS!

Anyway, I bought plain white Gerber onesies at Target, they come in a pack of 5 and I bought 3 packs in different sizes. The guests decorated them with fabric paint. Some were very detailed, mine just said "C U @ 2AM." If you do this, make sure to put cardboard inside the onesies so the paint doesn't leak through.

She and my brother judged them and the 3 best got a prize.

We also did baby gift Bingo, because sometimes it gets boring watching people open presents.

Suburban Princess said...

Wow it is seriously baby season!
Let me know if you need personalized ribbon - I can match your colours and font :O)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I love SusieCakes! They are my absolute favorite bakery. The celebration cake is to die for delicious! Must go this weekend...their cupcake of the month is salted caramel apple! Yum!

Day Old News said...

I like doing the clothespin or safety pin game where you get one at the beginning to wear & lose it if you mention the key words (baby, mom's name, dad's name). You collect the pin if you catch somebody saying it & the game continues until one person has all. Have fun!

Brie said...

So fun - you will do a fabulous job! Can't wait to see!! Glad to hear you are skipping the candy diaper game - ew!

Brie said...

Look at this... cute table set up. Are you pinterest? You need to get on there asap so we can start pinning ideas for the party!

Kate said...

I second decorating onesies. I think it's a cute idea and have done it before at showers

Mrs. Mix-it A.K.A. Sheila Fretz said...

Measure around the belly toilet paper squares you pass around toilet paper and then everyone guesses how many squares your belly is.