Getting Polly Anna BACK

Thank you for all you kind words on my Polly Anna blog post last week. One thing I am realizing is that I am responsible for my happiness. I need to take time out and do things that will bring me joy. Like Suburban Prep mentioned, I can't go around remembering the glory days of college (and boy were they good) and compare them to now. There's no comparison! What makes like wonderful is time spent with family, friends and doing things I enjoy. I think I had left that out of the equation all together!

As Cookie Crumbs said (and I am now seeing), it's a frame of mind. I think I am doing too much negative talk and complaining. Of course we all have our dramas, and Landon's arm stuff is more than the average sometimes, but my mental state is what is going to bring me happiness. Life is always going to be stressful, it's the way I look at it that counts.

And like Sibi (and my preacher) have said this requires a deeper faith and prayer. To get in the habit of praying he suggested setting your Blackberry alarm at a random time like 2:22pm and each day praying at that time. Love that.

In summation:

1) I think I do need to have a 30-45 minutes a day of something for myself (thanks Cookie Crumbs!)
2) Do something fun once a week (Love that Solar Powered) but nothing I pressure myself or blow the bank on (I agree Debra!!)
3) I need a song to be inspired by (like Gimlet Mommy)
4)And I need a good Mac Lipstick (thanks Steph! Do they have a Vodka flavor!?) Because Lipstick never makes you feel fat (love that Andy)
5) Also never underestimate the power of a funny movie and a glass of wine (Thanks SC, you know I love you)
6) And lastly, I am going to try to keep a part of this Polly Anna around and keep her close (thanks Bella Michelle), for me and my kids.


Suburban Princess said...

Oh no! I didnt realise you have been having a hard time. I think we all go through it but you know, we are what we think. Our thoughts shape our life. So best to banish negative thoughts and fill your mind with positivity. Maybe start writing down what you are grateful for to keep things in perspective? Yes, your son's arm issues can be overwhelming but he is healthy and alive and cute and smart. You are fortunate enough to live comfortably with enough food on the table and a roof over your heads.

I'm not trying to make light of your situation...bu when we compare our lives to people who have it much harder...

Just Ask Beth said...

I agree, and especially like Sibi's prayer idea..sometimes I need to just wallow!

Solar Powered said...

I'm going to the remember this list and refer to it if I get too crazy on our upcoming move!