The Water Whisperer- Changing Lives One Toddler At A Time!

This summer we enrolled Landon in swim lessons with the Water Whisperer. This was not something Landon, or I was looking forward to. He was one of those kids who did not like swimming. He was very nervous, didn't like water in his face (not even in the bath!), and he was not happy about getting in the pool.

We showed up for lessons and the first day or two, there was a lot of tears. He was upset, he didn't want to swim. By the third day, Landon was feeling more confident. By the fifth day, he was thrilled. He was happy. He was joyful. He was swimming!

This has seriously been the highlight of my summer. To have a kid who was not happy about swimming become a person who loves the water, is worth it's weight in gold to me. The water whisperer has great instructors who are kind but firm, loving but disciplined.

I am telling you I have been blown away by Landon's progress. I am so proud of him! Thanks Water Whisperer!!


Claire said...

What a great report about Landon and his accomplishment!!!! Learning to swim is a real blessing especially for the moms.

Re the Real Housewives of NJ check out one of my daughter's blogs - it really had me laughing with her take of Danielle:
I have to learn how to tag these places - sorry this is the best I could do.

Dawn Smith (Bee and Rose) said...

We need a water whisperer around here!

bevy said...

I remember S's swimming lessons when he was three or four. So painful for both of us! It does get so much better!

Preppy 101 said...

That's wonderful!! So nice when they get over their fear of water! xoox