Five For Friday! The Five Things I am Liking Right Now!

I am having a fun summer, trips to Greenwich Ct, and Lake Tahoe have made it feel very vacationy around here. Summer is my favorite time of year. Here's some things I am liking right now:

1) My Gold Bonannos Stephen Bonanno Sandals)

2) Kris Pinot Grigio

3) So You Think You Can Dance

4) Paesano Olive Oil

5) Lilly Pulitzers Fall Line

I am tagging:

Some twitter friends like OuiserB, MBR77, MrsLSJ,   and Maryland Pink and Green

and some bloggy friends

Social Climbers, Henley on The Horn, A Mile In Mom's Manolos, Monograms and Manicures and Muffy Martini!

What are your five things you are liking or loving right now!


Beth Dunn said...

Thank you love!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I'm loving all of these things too! I've got two pairs of Bonanno's arriving any day now (Vivian called the other day to say they were on their way), so I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival. :)

Trish said...

Glad you are enjoying your summer!! Kris Pinot Grigio is delicious, and I am in love with your loves as well! Cheers to blog and Twitter friends!! xoxoxo Happy weekend to you and your family! - Trish

Blonde Steel Magnolia said...

LOL during the summer I looooove my crockpot. I wish it was something more glam!

Suburban Princess said...

Love the SBS! I hope you are having a great summer and have a fun weekend planned!

Me said...

Thank you! Love your Summer post! It is just going way too quickly! I don't want it to end! Come read my posts for *shameless plug* ! HAHA

Have a lovely day and thanks for the tag!



Buford Betty said...

Loooove SYTYCD! And the Pinot Grigio if I could friggin' drink it right now... swoon.

Muffy said...

OOH, that's an easy question: anything and everything! HAHA! Love the new Lilly too!

bevy said...

I am loving having phone, internet, and television again after almost a week of living like Laura Ingalls Wilder! (Thank goodness for smartphones!!!)

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Kate said...

I saw Neil a few weeks ago and nearly died. He is even better looking in person. He's my fave SYTYCD!