A Dozen Eggs! Greatest Give Away Ever!

 At least I think so! I love A Dozen Eggs. I have ordered from them for teachers, parties, new babies and friends! (how cute are these baby girl cookies!)

A dozen eggs is a small, owner-operated, fully licensed bakery located in Mount Holly, Vermont. They started their business in 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts, their home for 16 years, before moving themselves and their pets to the bucolic splendor of Vermont!

Because I am such a fan, they have agreed to do a give away of my favorite cookie collection!

The Palm Beach Collection!

Could you die? Shift dresses, flip flops, sunglasses, flamingos and palm trees! All in Pink an green! I know you want these for your next party, best friend, or just yourself!!!

To enter:
1) Go to A Dozen Eggs and tell me your favorite cookie favor or collection. (That gets you one entry!)
2) Become a follower of my blog (That get's you another entry!)
3) Follow me on twitter (another entry!)
4) and leave your contact info! Also let me know how many entries you have!

That's it!
Good luck!
Winner will be drawn this Friday!


suburban prep said...

Oh wow. I love their collections. I do love the Palm Beach one that you enjoy but I also like the Ship's Ahoy. They are all so wonderful.

I have been a follower for some now too.

2 entries.

Suburban Princess said...

These are adorable! I have spent many hours on their site :O) I have never ordered tho because the shipping to Canada is insane but I guess they have to ship the fastest possible.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

BroncoMom said...

Hello Mom!

It is any guess that I would choose the custom cookie collection for football?? The colors choice would be RED & Black for the Georgia Bulldawgs. That would be my favorite!! I have been a follower of your blog for some time now and have enjoyed every day of reading your thoughts.
Please count me for 2 entries. You can find me here:

Sweet Southern Prep said...

How cute! I love the Barnyard Collection! My daughter starts her first year of preschool this year, and I would love to bring these to her class! Thanks for letting me know about this cute company!

I follow you, and the Palm Beach Collection is my favorite too! :)

My contact info:
sweetsouthernprep at gmail dot com

CupCake Girl said...

These cookies look soo cute!

lizziefitz said...

I love the farm animal favors and I am a follower:) 2 entries please:)))

Jessi said...

I like the Love Bug and Baby Surprise! So adorable!!

I'm a follower too!

Preppy 101 said...

Great Giveaway! The custom football collection for the University of Tennessee Vols, of course ;-) Thanks Miss Fabulous! xoxo

Debbie said...

How have I never heard of these delightful folks? Those are the cutest cookies ever. I am crazy about the "Gone Fishin" set and I don't even fish:)

Debbie said...

I'm a follower!

Debbie said...

Following you on twitter @suburbsanity.
(And see, this is where reading to the end before I started commenting would have paid off. I get three entries. My email is fourkidsrgreat(at)gmail.com)

Mrs. K said...

well I love all of their summer collections especially the Palm Beach one- I mean I live in Palm Beach Co and all so it is very appropriate!

Mrs. K said...

well I love all of their summer collections especially the Palm Beach one- I mean I live in Palm Beach Co and all so it is very appropriate!

bevy said...

As a mom of two boys, Amy of the sports collections would be great... I can think of great events to share any one of them! I am a follower AND on Twitter too!

Three entries for me!

kbell23 said...

I love looking at adozenegg cookie collections. I love love LOVE the Palm Beach Collection! I am a follower of your blog as well. That makes 2 entries for moi! My email is kbell23(at)woh.rr.com! Count me in on this darlin' give~away!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

What a fabulous giveaway!! These look SO delicious!!!

I love the flip flop favors & adore the palm beach collection as well.

And you know I'm a blog & Twitter follower already ;)

xoxo, Lis

Preppy Sue said...

Awesome giveaway! Okay, I love their Beantown (Boston) collection! I'm a follower and I follow you on Twitter too...which I'm sure you already know ;)

3 entries, thank you!


Melissa said...

My favorite collection is the chocolate birthday cookie collection!

Sherrie said...

My fave is the pink birthday collection.

Two entries for me. I am a follower of your blog.

Hillcrest Acres said...

Love, love, love A Dozen Eggs. She has the cutest cookies ever. My favorite is the Palm Beach collection but since you picked that one, I also love the Pink Birthday Cookie Collection.

I'm a follower.

Yeah, that gives me two entries.

Annabel Manners said...

Those look like Lilly cookies! Just delectable!

Kate said...

I love the Wild West cookie collection!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Such a tough call on my favorites, I love the animals,esp the Tiger...but...

My favorite is the dog collection with the black labs!

of course I follow you on the blog and Twitter!


Andie said...

We just got back from Vermont. How could I not LOVE the Beantown collection? I die.

I'm a follower.
And on twitter.
Count me in!

EntertainingMom said...

Paris!!! Those Parisian signs and the poodles are simply beyond adorable... but Alexander might love the doggie cookies the best! Seriously, how can you choose just one! Great gift and great price!

I already follow you... like all over the place! ;)

Sarah Brooke said...

The cookies are adorable!! I love the Chanel Handbag favors! I follow your blog and follow you on twitter. 3 entries please!


Jesslee said...

Right now my favorite would def be the touchdown collection -it's that time of year again and we will be having people over to watch games almost every weekend!

I have been a follower of you and A Dozen Eggs forever -love you both!

shortymcg said...

I love the ladies golf cookies... how cute is that...

shortymcg said...

I'm a follower..

Gracie Beth said...

My favorite are the cow favors as well as a custom Tennessee collection I have seen on her website in the past. I am a follower of your blog and on twitter and you can reach me at preppysouthernprincess@gmail.com

Michele said...

Cookies are always a good thing! =0)

The barnyard cookies are so gosh darn cute...love them!

I'm a follower, too! Great giveaway!

NORMnVERA (at) aol (dot) com

jessica said...

BBQ Cookie Collection is sooo cute
and i follow you so

two for me!!! =)


Party Box Design said...

OH MY GOSH... to hard to choose!

maybe the pink bday collection! so talented!

Elliott said...

I'm a native Washingtonian so I *giant puffy heart* the Bipartisanship collection.

And I'm now a follower of your blog at twitter!

elle (dot) heath (atsign) gmail

Elizabeth Anne said...

Well since I'm a big Boston fan I would have to say my favorite collection is Pennant Fever Cookie Collection

I'm following your blog (Hot Sauce and Pearls) and on twitter (misslizzybizzy)

my email is eahollingsworth@gmail.com

Bev B said...

Without a doubt, Laura's wonderful WOOF WOOF Collection is my favorite.
I follow your blog.
Im a Facebook fan.
so I guess that's 3 entries.


MMS said...

Hi doll!

I absolutely adore the Chanel quilted handbag cookie, as well as the whole Chanel collection featured on the A Dozen Eggs blog!

I'm now a fan of your blog and following you on Twitter, so three entries for me :)

My e-mail is southernvogue@gmail.com

Thanks! Melissa S.

Brie said...

I love all of their products and having tasted both their cookies and cupcakes, I can attest that they are not beautiful to look at, they taste delicious too! I love the summer BBQ series!

I follow it all b/c I love OFM :)
3 entries for me - yahoo!

Stephanie said...

My favorite cookies are the Snoopy & Woodstock collection. I've ordered from Laura before and they do such a wonderful job!


Mrs. Mix-it said...

I follow you on twitter @cookunderwriter I am following you on onefabulousmom as @Mrs Mix It plus I went to @12eggs and I love the Eifel towers. My Jaggie would love me to pack those in her lunch

eileen said...

I love A Dozen Eggs cookies. SO cute. My favorite it the "I Do" collection. I love the colors.

I follow you on twitter and your blog.

3 entries please. Thank you.