Will Smith Is My New Guru?

Will Smith was on Oprah promoting The Karate Kid remake, which he produced and cast his son Jaden in. He was talking about what he wanted to teach his son. They were in China four months shooting the film and Jaden was a different kid when they returned, due to the fact he overcame a huge challenge in the training and acting for this film. I was fascinated by how Will wanted to teach his son the business, pass on what he learned. Jada of course said she felt protective of him, especially since he is eleven!

Then, when Will tried to explain why he was happy his son had hard times and then triumphed, he said these life changing words:

"I feel that greatness lives on the edge of destruction. The reason that someone is great, is because they survived death. That's what made you great. You were almost OVER. That was it. Then, like a phoenix you rose from the ashes. In the face of destruction, you pounded on your chest and said I'm still here, so bring it. You have to learn you're not breakable."

Wow. With husband out of work, and money dwindling it has been hard to keep a good attitude, but somehow I have. Husband is now starting his own business, something I was scared for him to do before but now, I feel sky's the limit. I have to believe husband and I were meant for more, destined for greatness, and that we will survive and learn we aren't breakable. So yeah, I'm still here (pounds chest) so bring it.


PaperCourt said...

And you are an inspiration of all of us!

Mom on the Run said...

When J4 was six weeks old, DOTR got fired. He had always, in the back of his mind, wanted to start his own business but he made too much money, we had too many kids and we needed our benefits and security...blah, blah, blah. Well, when he was too expensive to get hired anywhere else, he really had no choice but to start his own business. I always used to say "these are the days we're going to look back and laugh about, right?" He worked his butt off and it was worth it, but he never, ever wouldn't have had the incentive to do it if he hadn't lost his job. So even though it sucked, he got cheated out of a lot of money, he drove me crazy for 9 months before we found an office he could go to everyday and it was downright scary to have 4 kids under 7 and no income....it was the best thing that ever happened to us.

Good luck.

Melissa said...

You have the best attitude about everything and I so admire that! Everything will work out for your family in the end!

debra said...

Sometimes it takes something drastic to make us pursue our dream. I know he will do well and be successful. A great attitude is half the battle.

Kiki said...

Love to you today, to everyone in in the OFM house. You have a great partner in your husband and together you two are unstoppable!!!

I'm hanging in there with you and pounding my (already flat) chest!!!


Dugout Daisy said...


Solar Powered said...

Amen sister, I saw that episode and loved every word he spoke. I really liked what they had to say about disciplining their kids as well!

You will rise above this, I know it.

LPC said...

Congratulations. Wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...

the great thing is..."i got mad skillz!

-The Mr.

P.S. BBB, all our dreams have already come true. The rest is icing...butter cream icing.

Maureen said...

Way to go, The Mr. The rest is icing.

I love it.

Your energy will be the magnet attracting the goodness you desire and deserve.

Sending more positive energy your way.

Brie said...

Love it! Go Go Go! Nothing can stop the Mrs. and the Juju ;) NOTHING