Real Housewives of New York Reunion Show Recap!

What would I do without this insanity. Makes my life seem normal!!!

The show started off with a bang when they said it was a record seven hours of filming. You just know it has to be good!

First they had to tackle the things that had happened after the show. Jill got a breast reduction (mozol), Bethenny's a best selling author (kudos and shove it Kelly), LuAnn got an email divorce (that's kind of funny coming from your "best friend"! Ethiopian princess? BIZARRO!), Romona has a skin care line (I ain't buying from crazy eyes), and Alex was laid off (big deal so is everyone). Wait...who am I forgetting?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yes. Kelly Bensimon. I'm sorry, Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Her tearful BS was so stupid I literally laughed out loud. She says she had worked to build her name "since I'm a kid". Ummmm who the hell are you? NO ONE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE SWEETHEART!!!! She is one walking liar of contradictions.

Then Ramona was grilled on her backstabbing comments and dance technique. I was amazed by her very astute answer of her childhood with an abusive Father being the reason she was such a bitchy bitch. Kind of made me like her a little! I also loved when she called LuAnn out on the fact she was faking like everything was great with the count when they were actually splitting up. But the best was her claiming she didn't go to Simon and Alex's housewarming party because she likes to have dinner at 8pm and they weren't serving food. HA! Too good.

Jill kills me always trying to stick to the truth (Ramona did not develop her skin care line for a year but for a few months), and trying to keep the peace (LuAnn and Romona both overreacted about the counts age.)

Bethenny is really doing well. Successful and cute and Kelly can't take it. She tells her she's hot but makes it seem like an insult. Kelly attacking her for being a cry baby over men is hilarious. I loved when they basically tried to call her out on being "not a girls girl". So true! Hit the nail on the head with that one.

They ended with Ramona's rant about why Bethenny was still single. She had made comments on her blog and caused the biggest fight, it was beyond stupid. All it showed was Ramona is NUTS!!!! They basically ran out of time and had to do a part two! Stay tuned for Bethenny telling Kelly she looks like a piece of shit!!! LOL!


PLD said...

Hilarous, I missed it but I am sure it will be shown again. Those girls are too funny, I mean Kelly and her spat with Bethenny! WTH! Who does Kelly think she is? Regis and Kelly are talking about the show right now. HA! HA! I was so against this show, but became addicted! ha! ha!

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

This show is so much fun. Why do I care--but I just can't seem to get enough.

Melissa said...

I wrote a somewhat crappy post about this. Yours is much better and I completely agree with you! Kelly is NUTS! I really hope she doesn't come back next season!

Hillcrest Acres said...

I loved watching the episodes of the New York Housewives, but watching some of the catfights on the reunion show made me cringe at times. The claws sure came out!!!!

Kiki said...

I am at a loss for words, the behavior last night(Thursday) was even worse than Tuesday night....I was embarressed alternately for each of them. Who knew that Alex would come off looking like the good guy sitting quietly on the couch??? The one time she weighed in it was insightful and I thought she redeemed herself for being somewhat strange the whole season.

I can't help but feel sorry for LuAnn, I felt like instead of lifting her up that she was attacked for what had to be incredibly painful, despite her "better than thou" attitude.

Jill Zarin and Bethenney are awesome and I can't say a bad word about them.

Ramona...weirdness there.

Kelly....she needs to learn to think before she speaks.

There's my two cents...thanks for letting me rant...I was hoping you'd do a post about it!!!

Brie said...

I hope you caught the Part 2 to be continued episode last night. I'm cringing and loving it all rolled into one.

An NYC friend told me she has a "reliable source" who told her they were each paid 15,000 each to be as dramatic and confrontational as they could be for the reunion show. That might explain why they were so ridiculously over the top last night.

Nantucket Karen said...

OK, I've had to go reapply my makeup from laughing to hard regarding your BRILLIANT RECAP!! I honestly think YOU should be the host instead of that wierd dude Andy; Bravo's ratings would go thru the roof with you as the girl's official "referee"!!!!
I could go gone on forever w/my thoughts about these chicks, but I'll try to be brief. First off, I think Ramona CRAZY EYES WHACK JOB is mentally retarded. I'm sorry about her "childhood", but she thrives on drama and has no business being in any type of skincare!! She and her "roveing eyed husband" are made for each other. Like you, I found her statement about not attending Alex's due to her dinner always being at 8:00 as embarrasing as her!
I feel sorry for "The Countess" for getting dumped by email. Reminded me of the Sex & the City "sticky note breakup". She's actually really pretty and I think she'll be just fine in the men department and her kids will be OK because she's a pretty good Mom; JUST DROP THE COUNTESS CRAP!!
I like Jill! I like the friendship between her and Bethanny and I LOVE JILL'S MOMMY! I loved how Jill grabbed Bethanny's hand when FREAKAZOID KELLY was trashing Bethanny (unsuccessfully)I like Jill's devotion to her daughter and to her illness and I LOVE THE WAY SHE TOTALLY ABUSED RAMONA; SOOO FUNNY!
I think Alex is pretty level-headed, but think she married a man who sooooo wants to be a woman!! I found their "renovated" apt. to be quite scary......
Kelly "Killoren" Bensimon should be taken out to the stables and SHOT!! Her giving Bethanny a "time-out" at that bar was just beyond disgusting. She's a compulsive, narcissistic liar who is a ZERO, PERIOD!! GOD HELP HER 2 DAUGHTERS!!!
Lastly, BETHANNY ROCKS!!!! She's sharp as a tack, absolutely HILARIOUS, an AMAZING cook, a brilliant author (BUY HER BOOK!) a loyal and devoted friend and someone I would ALWAYS want in my corner.....Would LOVE to be friends with her & Jill ~ THERE WOULD NEVER EVER BE A DULL MOMENT!
Now onto "The Jersey Girls!!!"

Anonymous said...


Tessa said...

I only have four words.... "Since I'm a kid". hahahahahahahahahahaha

Far From Perfect said...

tee hee. crazy eyes, bitchy bitch ... love this. Since I'm a kid??? WTF???

caryn said...

"Since I'm a kid" classic!

Domestic Diva said...

AMEN to all..
HAve a fabulous weekend!!
xxxx me

Surf Girl said...

I was riveted!! I love Bethenny and Jill...they seem like they are the most real. Kelly - what can I say - she is a loon! I thought it was funny too how they asked if she had any girlfriends. She definitely lives on her own planet. Ramona is crazy, but she cracks me up. I can't wait for next season!!

The Girl said...

Did you see that Bravo has put up a poll asking which Housewife from the NYC cast would you vote off? Last I checked, they were in the 80 percentile for Kelly. I'm praying to the Heavens that this Dumb ass gets the boot.

Stereos and Souffles said...

I started watching the show late, but caught a marathon one day at work and I was hooked. I saw the previews for New Jersey and it looks all out crazy!

Jillian, Inc said...

I had to DVR both episodes and am almost done with the second, so I haven't seen EVERYTHING but your recap is hilarious. I do have to give a little kudos for Alex for keeping her mouth shut through most of it. And Kelly - so zoned out and bizzare I don't even have words.