I have a little mommy secret...Tell me yours!

I have a little "mommy" secret
I bet that you can't guess
I haven't showered yet and
and my house is one big mess

I haven't potty trained
my almost three year old
I just threw away some chicken
that was green and full of mold

My baby smells like sour milk
She needs a bath, Oh dear...
There's stuff piled up in stacks and stacks
Haven't scrapbooked in a year

My son's still in his crib
No big boy bed for him
My daughters in my bedroom
so sex for hubby looks grim

There's food wedged in the high chair
and in the seats of my car
I drive to neighbors houses
the walk is not that far

Haven't started exercising
afraid that it might hurt!
I decide what veggies my son eats
by the color of his shirt.

Yes, I have a little "Mommy" secret
To see me you could never tell
I look so pulled together
but really I'm in hell!

So ladies don't leave me hangin'
Tell me what your hiding too!
I promise I won't tell your secrets...
You won't tell mine will you?

The Mrs.


Pigtails and Pacifiers said...

Too Cute! Did you honestly write that? You touched on a little of everything I am going through. Especially the messy house part. I can't keep up with it.

Cookie Crums said...

Love it!! That is an awesome description of a "mommy". It might all look perfect on the outside but you never know what's "hidden".

My closet is one of my "secrets". Clean clothes tend to pile up and I just pick from the pile..what's the point in putting them away. I let the dog keep the highchair marginally clean....by letting him eat the crumbs. :) If Lil Man drops some food...again the dog.

Those are my secrets. SHHHHH! Dont' tell.

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

This is so cleaver. Did you make it up?

Beth Dunn said...

That poem is adorable! Did you write it? Oh I hear you big time. When my first son was born I was an absolute mess. As my friends say...take me away chardonnay! xoxo

The Mrs. said...

Ladies!!! Of course I wrote it I'm a writer!!!

Brie said...

You just described my life about 5 years ago... today mine goes something like

Pile the kids in the car for bball
we're always running late
just looked at the gas
I'm on empty - Great!

Laundry getting smelly in the washer
plus a full load in the dryer
I'll tell you I'm good at this
but you know I'm a liar ;)

Have a great weekend OFM! xo

Anonymous said...

I am so printing this out and putting it on my fridge!!! I love it!

caroline said...

i love your poem - i can really relate, even with only 1 child, embarrassingly! all the secrets ring a bell, but i particularly loved this:

"Yes, I have a little "Mommy" secret
To see me you could never tell
I look so pulled together
but really I'm in hell!"

i actually feel too overwhelmed today to think of my secrets, let alone write them down. so i thank you for posting this, reminding mothers out there that they're not alone!

The Major's Wife said...

that sooooo put a smile on my face. Ok, in the summer I try to feed the kids as much as possible on the back deck at thier little picnic table, even breakfast in our PJs. It cuts down on the mess. We live in a townhouse with nieghbors on both sides, so I'm sure I got the nieghbors talking!!!

I'm Just Beachy said...

That was great!

Mom x 2 said...

I love this. I, too, am going to print it out because as soon as this baby's born, I'll be living it, sister.

Hillcrest Acres said...

Love the poem. You are so creative. What am I hiding - one huge mess of a house.

Not a single room clean, piles of laundry to do, toilets to scrub, mirrors to made shine and windows full of grime.

Oh heck...I'm not creative enough to come up with a fantastic poem. Things have just been so crazy and I've fallen so behind that if there's a knock at the door I won't let anyone in past our foyer. This is driving hubby crazy since he is a neat freak. He said today as he was leaving for work that tomorrow morning is "pick-up the house" for the whole family.

Preppy Mama said...

All I can say is an "Amen Sister" on this one! Closets are my secret! I shove everything in them before people come over!! If there is no room, I just throw stuff away!

cancersucks said...

Very clever...and you and Coco look fabulous in the header picture. I reward my son for eating something healthy by letting him have a smarties candy. I can't help my daughter with her advanced math homework and I once helped in son's preschool class with no bra on. Lovely.

Leslie said...

Super cute poem!! You should be a writer! Ha!! :)

My secret, well I have many, but one is that I am reading Mommywood by Tori Spelling and I am super jealous that you saw her. Sad, I know!

Also, my kitchen needs to be mopped and I could do laundry ever hour of everyday!!

Claire said...

I loved this!!! You make us all feel as though we are not so alone in whatever trial we are facing!!

ilovepink said...

Were you peeking in my windows and writing about me???? Sounds JUST LIKE my life!!! I know one day I will want this back though! I am going private in a few days so let me know if you want to keep following!

Domestic Diva said...

This is perfect..we all have lived this or living it now!
It is amazing all we do as SAHM'S... it never ends. My twin girls are having a party in their room right now and won't go to bed. They are laughing and happy..and I am just blogging away. Praying they get tired and fall asleep!! Have a fantastic weekend!!
xxx me

Preppy 101 said...

We have all been there to some degree! One secret - bribed my son with M&M's to get him to use the potty. That was wrong on so many levels. Yes, it worked, thankyouverymuch. ;-)

Petunia said...

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your new header picture! The two of you look so beautiful!!

Debbie said...

All that and then some! I am hiding it all:)

Anonymous said...

Very cute! You inspired me to share my secret:

My little "Mommy" secret
Is sadly plain to see
Sometimes I just let my kids
Watch too much TV

I turn it on as I head
to my room to take a shower.
I emerge all dressed and clean
and think, "Crap! It's been an hour!"

And there are no stories read
as my dinner starts its roasting
Instead they are watching "Elmo's World"
(Um, clearly, I'm not boasting)

But I hope my kids will know
I love them very much!
That's the secret to a happy kid,
Not clean clothes and such.

Anonymous said...

So creative, good job. I love your new header photo!

Courtney said...

Just stopping by to let you know I have opened my blog. Feel free to stop by!

icing on the cake said...

I love it! And you two are so pretty in the new header.

Kristin said...

Instead of picking up or cleaning during nap time....I blog or read fashion mags. The hubs doesn't need to know.

Anonymous said...

You are one talented chica!

Better make that the front piece for your book. The line about choosing the veggies by the color of the shirt is great!

Life is what you make it said...

Oh yes, I have a mommy secret
It's my 'mommy merit seal,'
my daughter all too frequently
eats a McDonald's happy meal!

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

You are so creative and did a great job!!!

debra said...

LOVE it! I have many secrets but I think I can relate to the dirty laundry one - my husband has even been known to wear the same pair of pants to work 2 days in a row. Poor guy - luckily he doesn't deal w/ the public much. I think people think I am much more 'with it' than I feel. :)

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Whatever you do, don't look in my closets...
Very funny poem! Funny because it's so true!

Maureen said...

For a minute there, I thought you were writing about me! HA! My three-year old still sleeps in a crib, still wears diapers, still wants a pacifier at night, and just recently stop drinking from a bottle before going to bed. The pediatrician told me I needed to start embracing all things kid and to let my baby grow up. I'm trying, but it ain't easy. Thanks for sharing.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

My babies are about grown but your little poem brought back ALL the memories. OH my goodness!!! I PROMISE that you are not alone.

There are ALWAYS secrets...they just change as the kids get older.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome - I hope you're not exaggerating because this is my house without any exaggeration :)

Anonymous said...

i bribe my daughter with candy- which means later on in life she's always probably going to reward herself with sweets or calm herself with sweets and blame me. oh well.

and do tell- my daughter climbed out of her crib at 18 months...how has he not even tried? or has he?

lizziefitz said...

You are so talented! Loved the poem. I didn't even begin to potty train my son until 3. He still will only drink milk if it is in a bottle? I suppose he won't go to college drinking a bottle, well at least not milk in a bottle... beer in a bottle?

Kiki said...

I'm not yet a mommy
It's hard sometimes to bear
When people always ask
How much do I have to share

Somehow my house is still a mess
I work 50 hours a week
I come home to cook the dinner
Then off to bed to sleep

My dishes are all dirty
They're piled up in stacks
The laundry is all sorted
It needs to be attacked

My cat's litter stinks so badly
The fur is on each chair
My wood floors are neglected
It's more than I can bear

I'm not even a mommy
I've got no real excuse
I think I need to hire help
I'll start with a masseuse.

It's not just you....girl it's everywhere, I always tell people I'm too busy living life....I'll clean up later!!


AMY said...

Way to keep it REAL. I can't stand it when people try to really sell the "perfect wife and mommy" picture. That doesn't exist unless you are a Stepford wife. Hopefully we all can have more good days than bad as our babies get bigger. I type this while I should be working and my house...GROSS!

Muffy said...

HILAROUS!!!!! You sound a lot like my own mother! HA.