Friday Fun- Top Five Things I Love About Summer

Now that the summer is almost upon us I am thinking of all the things I will be doing! I wanted to know what you love about Summer too.

1. Pedicures in PINK!

2. Pool time.

3. Malibu Beaches

4. Bonanos Flip Flops (I must buy these asap!!!!) (platinum and gold size nine hubby!)

and last but not least....

5. Pinkberry

I am tagging ten people:

Domestic Diva
Cape House
Preppy Mama
Cancer sucks
Pink In a Sea Of Blue
Muffy Martini
Pigtails and Pacifiers
Cookie Crums
Joy/Pain Sunshine and Rain (invite me please!)

List your five faves and tag ten more bloggers! Let them know they were tagged!
xo The Mrs.


Anonymous said...

I love your list. Last time I was in the Bonanno store I saw the pewter lizard print (not real lizard, just embossed to look that way)-- OMG. If you like metalics go onto their site and look at it. It's beautiful!

Kristin said...

Want those flops!!!

Petunia said...

Those Bonannos are beautiful! Another one added to my wish list... :)

Debbie said...

Great list! Love the toenails.

Domestic Diva said...

Love your list and you are so right..great minds do think alike!! I will list my five favs and tag ten more!!
xxx me

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Love your list, but what's Pinkberry? I will get busy. It's time for me to have another pedicure! Maybe I can squeeze it in this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Just got a pedi in a lovely shade of pink - made my day!!!

Domestic Diva said...

I posted mine..thanks for including me.
I also sent you and e-mail!! OMG
xxxxx me

cancersucks said...

I have those shoes- size 6, sorry! Thanks for the tag. I'll respond asap. BTW do you want me to pick up anything for Coco at the Lilly sale? Or Landon? The kids' clothes are usually less than 29 dollars. Sometimes the dresses are 19 and the tops 10 dollars. If you send me your wish list I can look for you. Just let me know.

Executive Momma said...

Love the pink toe nail polish! Super cute.

Kiki said...

Oh I love this...I'm playing tonight!!! Thanks for tagging me, you know I love this kind of thing!!!

Muffy said...

Your list is so fab! LOVE IT! I'll have to do this soon!