Award time! You giveth, I giveth to someone else!mm

I was given this lovely award by Mother of Identical Mermaids, thanks doll! I am supposed to name three things that make me Aweeeeesummm!

1) I have great friends who come to my rescue whether it's with wine or an ear for my complaining (or both!).

2) I love my kids and do my best to make life wonderful for them.

3) I can find the humor in ANYTHING! And I can bring people together!

I will now pass the award on to 3 fabulous bloggers/ and friends I loooove!

1) Angry Julie Monday- She is hilarious and a wonderful mom! Kick ass!

2) Suburban Prep- She doesn't have a blog but if she did I would be checking it allllll the time! she is fabulous.

3) Suburb Sanity- A new find for me but she her blog is like a desert! A big naughty piece of chocolate cake and I love it!


suburban prep said...

Thank you for making me smile this morning.
I know I have to get with the modern age someday but until my husband and I have a computer that works (at least most of the time) I'll have a blog.
I have to give the compliment right back to you because I look forward to reading your posting each day. see what your two little ones are up to and how life is going for a busy young mom.

The Cape House said...

What a fun award - it definitely suits you!

Beth Dunn said...

You totally deserve it! xoxo

Executive Momma said...


Clare said...

go mama!!!

Angry Julie Monday said...

Awesome! Thanks for the award!!!! I posted about it on my bloggity blog!

Domestic Diva said...

xxx me