Friday Five- Labor Day Plans!

Landons second surgery was supposed to be this past Thursday but has been moved because he's doing so well! Hooray! So instead of being at the hospital Landon and I went on a date. He had so much fun. We had lunch together and he was so sweet and laughing the whole time.

Now we can have a relaxing Labor Day Weekend! Here are the top five things I know we'll be doing during the long weekend.

1. Going to a Pirate Birthday party for one of Landons friends.
2. Eating Blueberry pancakes
3. Barbequeing at our friends house
4. Swimming in the pool
5. Going to the beach!

You? What are your top five Labor Day plans?

The Mrs.


Lauren said...

I am so happy Landon is doing well! What a blessing! I think our prayers are working.

I hope you all have a nice Labor Day weekend!

magnolia mama said...

1. Farmer's market
2. Entertaining my high school friend and her husband who are visiting from FL.
3. Dinner at the Herbfarm
4. Watching UGA and Georgia Southern football
5. Relaxing

kenady said...

YAY!! great news about Landon:)

Labor Day plans...
1. waiting at home on Saturday for our 10am-7pm delivery window on our new couch:)

2. joining my SIL and her buddies to celebrate her 40th.

3. cooking out

4. yard work

5. quality time with the entire family:)

Have a great weekend!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Cute photos! :) I'm so glad he's doing so well, yay!

Sounds like a great weekend, enjoy!

SLS said...

Yay! I am so happy that Landon is doing so well! And those pictures... what a cutie!
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend! So glad to hear that Landon is doing well.

Our plans:

Cocktail thingy tonight for English department.

Saturday - Off to the farmers market to gather ingredients so that I can actually make dinner for my family after a week of eating dinner at the dining hall with the students.

Grading. Sad but true.

Swimming - must enjoy the pond for as long as this great weather holds out.

Shopping - off to Burlington for some work wardrobe basics and E's gym uniform (Ordered the polo shirts from the school, but honestly could not find navy shorts or sweatpants at either of the two retail options I have locally. Might be the first time JCP has let me down on a basic. Oh god I miss Target!!!!)

Anonymous said...

oh sounds fun! and yay Landon!! us? we're going to Marco Island- can't wait.

Clare said...

So glad that Landon is doing well, and he looks SOOO cute laughing at the table! What a sweetie!

We are headed to Myrtle beach tomorrow!! Yay!! Cannot wait for some sand and sun. It has been raining her for like three days straight!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Landon looks so happy! glad you'll have a nice relaxing weekend. Us, too. 2 cookouts, the zoo and swimming.

The Chic Chauffeur said...

Have fun! So glad to see how well Landon is doing!

Claire said...

Happy to hear about Landon - love the red cast!
Labor Day Weekend-
1. Baseball Game tonight with sister and Kik and Ken
2. Beach on Sat.
3. Sunday NY Times and brkft on Sunday morning then church
4. Beach -Nighttime Baseball Game w/fireworks w/family
5. Monday - Beach - more baseball and more fireworks - last night for baseball games. (had to use up our leftover baseball tickets!)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, what a great week end - enjoy the remainder of the summer! Landon is a cutie!

Kiki said...

OFM, I left you a note to your comment on my blog and Clare if you see this, I live in MB, hope your weekend is a blast!!!

1. Working at the store Sat and Sun, but off Mon and Tues, so bagels and morning on the beach.

2. Bike rides

3. Kayak

4. BBQ

5. Last baseball game for the MB Pelicans and also firworks at the end!!

Boo Hoo, goodbye all my white pants, I'll see you next summer!!!

Kiki said...

What is wrong with me???? I wanted to comment on precious Landon....what a lights up the room!!! I was so excited to hear that Landon is doing so well, and thrilled for you that you get enjoy a special date with your little man!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Preppy Lizard said...

Those pictures are too cute! He's a sweetie! Glad he is doing so well.

I'm not doing anythign fun this holiday weekend. I have to work...URGG!

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Could he be any cuter????

No real plans, but let's see:
1. finishing the nursery
2. watching Clemson play Alabama
3. enjoying my husband actually having a day off Monday

1. having a drink, or two...or three
2. celebrating Clemson shutting out Alabama!
3. going to the lake and hanging out with my family!

Kate said...

He is so cute and happy :) Love the photos of him

ilovepink said...

It is great to see his smile! Labor Day plans??? Shopping, watching Clemson/Alabama game, boating on the lake, cleaning out the guest room to begin starting a nursery, and going to the Labor Day parade/festival in our little town. I hope you have a great weekend!

Eloise said...

Yay, Landon! I'm so glad he's doing well.

Here's what I'm doing this Labor Day weekend:

1. Watching 16-year-old son play in a Hockey tournament

2. Playing in a Duplicate Bridge tournament

3. More hockey

4. Going to see Wayne Brady perform with the Dallas Symphony (this was last night and was really fun!)

5. Did I mention hockey?

Have a good Labor Day!

Midwest Prep said...

so glad he is doing well! He looks so happy- what a great little boy!
YOu must be so proud of him!

Steel Magnolia said...

So glad he's doing well! He's so cute!! I've been a slacker blogger lately....