My First Award!

Kikibee who is the most brave, compassionate, and kind blogger I know gave me my first award! I am so honored and excited!

I in turn, am nominating three lovely bloggers who I think are fabulous.

Happy Homemaker- You were the first blog I read and even though you are now private (sad) I still adore you and your entire family. You make me want to move next door to you! I love seeing all your entertaining, cocktail club, kids parties, and dinners. So fun!

Memoirs of The Shoe Obsessed- you are so fun to read and your shoes are to die for. I love your style and the way you love your family.


Keeks and Brie- You are not only entertaining but so informational! I love to see what you're reading, watching, or buying on ebay!!!

Now it's your turn to pass on the award to some bloggers you love!


Andie said...

Thanks for the love!

Happy Homemaker said...

You are the sweetest! Thank you, and right back at'cha!

I love reading about your way more glamorous life!

Lauren said...

Congratulations on your blog award! Happy Homemaker is one of my favorite blogs too. She is such a sweet, fun person.

Brie said...

AW, you are the sweetest! Thank you :) xoxox

Belle in Bloom said...

Happy Homemaker was the first blog I ever read. I didn't even know what a blog was! Just stumbled on it and have loved it ever since. I love your blog as well. I don't miss a day without checking in and reading your posts. Have a great day!!:)

Kiki said...

I think you are brave, after you sahred Landon's dramatic entry I am completely in awe of you, I admire the way you live your life and keep your priorities in line.

You are clearly an amazing momma, a loving wife and a brilliant daughter, now I'll add great friend!!! LTY Mrs., you're awesome!!